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Academy Results and Performance Tables

Academy Results and Performance Tables


Sixteen year old, Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy student Joshua Baker who lives in Woolwich, is an exceptionally gifted mathematician and took his Maths GCSE three years ago when in Year 8 where he achieved an A*.  Last week, he collected his A Level results in Maths and Further Maths and achieved A* grades in both subjects.  Today he is celebrating a clean sweep of Grade 9s and A*s in all his GCSE subjects:  English Literature (Grade 9), English Language (Grade 9); with seven A*s in Further Additional Science, Additional Science, Core Science, History, French, Spanish, PE and RE.  

“Securing top grades in all his GCSEs and A Levels in the same year is quite simply outstanding!  Joshua is an extraordinarily gifted young man and fully deserves his success.” said David Millar, Executive Principal.

Yasmin McColl-Benzerari from Blackheath is the top achieving girl at the Academy having secured top grades in all her subjects: Grade 9 in English Literature; Grade 8 in English Language and Grade 7 in Maths; four A* Grades in Further Additional Science, Additional Science, Geography and RE; three A grades for Core Science, Art and Music and a B in French.

Overall the Academy’s initial analysis show a number of subjects have performed very strongly.  Almost a quarter of the 264 students in the year group secured top grades in English; Science has improved its performance overall with more students securing top grades. Students have excelled in RE  and there is more strong performances in Spanish, PE and Sociology.

“I would like to congratulate all students on their achievements. These results reflect five years of hard work and determination.  I would like to say an enormous thank you to the staff for going the extra mile in supporting all our students.  We are delighted that the majority of students will be remaining with us for their Post 16 studies in Arden and we look forward to continuing our partnership.

With 264 students in the year group there are many individual success stories to celebrate.  Read more…….



Sixth Form students at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy were celebrating their A Level and BTEC results today with the Academy reporting an increase in the overall performance of Year 13.

Initial headline figures show that the overall pass rate increased to 99% (98% in 2016) and the percentage of students achieving top A*-C grades increased to 77% (70% in 2016). Maths, Economics, Sociology and Psychology were the top performing subjects at A Level. Vocational subjects also performed exceptionally well with the average grade across the cohort improving to Distinction* minus.

Executive Principal, David Millar said: “I would like to congratulate our students and staff on their achievements.  This is the culmination of two years and in many cases, seven years of partnership, hard work and dedication.  I would particularly like to thank the entire Arden staff team for their relentless commitment to our students. Our students and teachers have risen to the challenge of the demanding new specifications and we are delighted with their achievements.  Particularly pleasing are our significant improvements in vocational subjects this year, with an average grade per entry of a Distinction *-.  I wish all the students the very best in the next phases of their learning and lives”

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Post 16 Retention

Yr 12 – Yr 13 retention

Yr 12 in-year retention

Yr 13 in-year retention



+22 returned to retake Yr 12




Key Stage 4 

  Applied Enrolled Conversion Conversion 2015
External 163 82 50% 44% 
Internal 172 113 66% 57%
Ashdown 46 33 72% 55%
Sherwood 56 32 57% 45%
Delamere 70 48 69% 66%

Key Stage 5 

  Percentage 2015 Percentage 2016
Higher Education Institution 73% 73%
of which    
Top third of HEI’s 19% 32%
Russell group (incl. Ox. and Cam.) 3% 8%
Apprenticeships 8% 7%
Employment 3% 5%
Repeating Year 13 7% 7%
Other Education 2% 1%
NEET 0% 0%
Unknown 6% 8%
Total cohort 125 120