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Academy Mission, Vision & Values

Academy Mission, Vision & Values

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is driven by a powerful set of values and a vision which sets out our commitment to build strong relationships, deliver first class education and serve the needs of all our students.

Our Vision

At the beginning of September 2016, staff and Governors worked together to create a vision statement for the Academy which sets out who we are and what we aspire to be. Students have  reviewed this statement during Wellbeing sessions and their feedback has been incorporated, as has that of parents and carers, to ensure that all stakeholders of the Academy are aligned and ‘buy in’ to our Vision.

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Social and Cultural Capital

At Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy we believe we have a responsibility to prepare students for life in the world and develop transferable skills beyond academic boundaries enabling all students to become successful and reach their potential.

Through our Social and Cultural Capital project we have developed a list of attributes and behaviours based on our Academy values, which we believe are important to students’ holistic educational experience.  

Our aim is to:

  • Educate students about the importance of these attributes and behaviours.
  • Ensure that all students have the opportunity to develop these attributes and behaviours throughout their time at SCWA.
  • Incentivise students to engagement in activities that develop these attributes and behaviours.





We will understand that we are responsible for ourselves, our equipment and the Academy environment. We will demonstrate strong moral principles, which we will have the confidence to stick to, reflect on our own behaviour and influence the behaviour of others.




We will embrace others, including those who are different from ourselves, we will develop an understanding that difference is something to be celebrated. We will actively seek learning opportunities, both inside and outside the Academy. We will seek to ask questions in order to expand our own understanding.




We will want to help and support others, demonstrating empathy through everything we do. We will support each other, believing in allowing others to make up for any wrongdoing and have a fresh start.  Leaving no one behind.




We will develop our aspirations and confidence in our own abilities through opportunities to succeed. We will constructively seek to deal with challenges that we are presented with, we will learn from experience and see it as an opportunity for development.




We will be innovative and enterprising, seeking opportunities to see things differently. We will be highly effective communicators, seeking the most appropriate vehicle in order to have maximum impact.