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Combined Cadet Force


We are very proud at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy that we have been given the green light to open a Royal Marines contingent of the Combined Cadet Force (CCF).   This venture has only been made possible through the generous sponsorship of The Stationers’ Company and Greenwich Hospital.   Members have worked tirelessly on this project to bring it to fruition.


Speaking on behalf of the Stationers’ Company, Past Master, Helen Esmonde said:  “The Stationers’ Company have a long and proud association with the Royal Marines. For this reason, there was a strong and natural wish to set up a Royal Marine CCF at the Academy. We hope this will become a source of inspiration for the students for many years to come. This has been made possible by support from the Corps of the Royal Marines, Greenwich Hospital, Leigh Academy Trust and Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy.” 


Greenwich Hospital is the largest and oldest Royal Navy charity, with long historic traditions and links in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. We are very excited to be working with the Stationers’ Company, the Corps of Royal Marines, and Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy in supporting the initiative to launch and establish a Royal Marines Combined Cadet Force detachment. We believe this project will bring a whole new dimension to the Academy, to its life and its students. And above all, we believe that it will greatly enhance the lives of all who earn their place in the Detachment.” Hugh Player, CEO, Greenwich Hospital

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy are now one of only 21 schools in the whole of the United Kingdom to have a Royal Marines cadet contingent and we are looking for our first 25 cadets to join.

The CCF is a uniformed organisation, badged and affiliated to the Royal Marines and sponsored by the Ministry of Defence, in a join initiative between the MOD and DFE. Students who join the CCF will wear the uniform of the Royal Marines.

The annual programme of training includes weekly training afternoons, one weekend away each term, an adventure training camp and an annual camp each July at the Commando Training Centre in Devon. All uniform and equipment (with the exception of boots) is provided free of charge and the majority of activities are either free or heavily subsidised by the MOD. Training includes field craft (learning the art of outdoor living and survival), military skills, weapon handling and shooting, fitness, navigation, first aid, drill and turnout, training afloat on a variety of boats and adventure training activities (climbing, mountaineering, camping, etc)

The aim of the CCF is to provide a disciplined organisation within a school so that young people may develop powers of leadership by means of training, in order to promote the qualities of responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, team work, endurance, perseverance and a sense of service to the community.

Training will start in January 2018 on Thursdays from 3pm – 5pm. Membership of the CCF will be open to all members of the Academy community currently in years 10, 11 and 12. Training will be delivered by adults from within the Academy who have joined the CCF and by members of the Royal Marines Youth Training Team, who will visit the school on a weekly basis.

Students who are interested in finding out more about the CCF in SCWA please speak to Mr Wilson or Mr Ford, who both work in Arden. They can give you more information, a joining form and a uniform measurements form. As a new member of the CCF you may already be a member of the ACF, ATC or SCC, in which case you could be selected to join the leadership cadre and become one of the contingent’s junior NCOs.

As a precursor to opening the contingent both Mr Wilson and Mr Ford spent a week in the October half term at the Commando Training Centre being trained as officers in the CCF, ready for the launch in January 2018. Their training, which replicated the cadet syllabus included night navigation, survival skills, weapons handling and testing, some drill, leadership tasks, close quarter battle skills and section battle drills.


For further details about the CCF, take a look at the national CCF website

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