Academy Life


The curriculum at all key stages is personalised to the needs, aptitudes, interests and abilities of students. All students have access to a curriculum that:

  • Develops independent learning.
  • Develops core skills in Literacy, Numeracy and ICT.
  • Develops personal skills such as thinking skills, problem solving, initiative, empathy, communication and active participation.
  • Develops knowledge through the core curriculum.

Our aim is to provide a rich and balanced educational environment, where all students can excel academically, vocationally, digitally, socially, morally, spiritually, physically, emotionally and environmentally.

Our goal is to raise aspirations, unlock students’ potential and work towards achieving excellence through encouraging a ‘can-do’ culture which nurtures confident and competent young people. We aim to develop informed and active learners with a strong sense of self-confidence who can explore questions, seek solutions, solve problems and who persevere in their learning, even when they may fail initially because from failure springs learning and success.

Our culture of success is built on developing strong relationships and working in partnership with students, Parents/Carers and the Academy.

Every young person who attends our Academy is given the best of our time, energy and resources. We work tirelessly to help young people see and realise their potential; value and respect themselves and celebrate their own, and others’, achievements.

All students receive a thorough grounding in the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and ICT.  There is a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy, and students at risk of not reaching the expected levels will be given additional support.

 Key educational features:

  • Raising the levels of literacy and numeracy
  • Addressing low aspirations
  • Providing strong ICT
  • Strengthening personalised learning programmes
  • Using quality systems to track progress and set individual targets for all students
  • Ensuring accessibility for students of all abilities, including those with special needs
  • Ensuring students are digitally aware and prepared for the work-place


Key Stage 3

We offer an exciting and varied learning experience at Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8).  Our philosophy is that students follow a broad and balanced curriculum that will stretch, motivate and engage all the learners under our care.

All students are supported to improve their abilities in English and Maths.  The most able are pushed to develop their analytical and independent skills, while there are a range of intensive support programmes in place to help other learners bridge any gaps in their learning.

Alongside this focus, students study a range of sciences, humanities and creative arts to help develop their knowledge and skills and to discover their own individual talents and interests.

Taught within each school: Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
ICT (discreetly taught)
French, Spanish or both
Religious Education
Wellbeing and Citizenship
Taught in within William Morris Centre: Food Technology
Graphics and Design Technology
Taught in within 2012 Sports Centre: PE, Sports & Dance Leadership, Healthy Living


Key Stage 4

Deciding which subject to study at Key Stage 4 can be a daunting experience and our aim is to help and support students, in consultation with their Parents and Carers, in making the best decisions so that each individual student follows a pathway suited to their abilities, interests and talents.

The curriculum is designed to cater for all abilities and we are able to offer flexibility within the timetable to provide many pathways to success.  The Academy offers guided choices to ensure our students achieve their full potential.  An information evening is held during the Spring Term in Year 8 during which the process is explained and Pathways Booklets published to help parents and students make informed choices.


Key Stage 5 – Post 16

At KS5 pupils can study a full range of A Levels and Vocational qualifications or a mixture. Full details of these are provided in the Arden Sixth Form section of our website and the Courses page.

Curriculum Content

Topics covered within each subject for all Year Groups, including Post 16 is available on the curriculum contents page.


Further Information

For further information please contact our Associate Principal, Mr Fazal Rahman for Key Stage 3 and 4; or Mr Norman Doyle, Head of Sixth form.  Telephone 020 8850 7678