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Finance Fortnight

Finance Fortnight

We are hugely grateful to the Stationers’ Company for their sponsorship of this annual project.  The purpose of the fortnight is to help Key Stage 3 students understand the importance of managing money.

Staff at the Academy issue credits (pretend money) to students who successfully complete a  community job or demonstrate one of our core values in lessons or around the Academy.  Credits are given to the Tutor who keeps a running total for their group.  However, students are also aware they can be ‘fined’ and these will be deducted from the group total!

Students learn how to invest their ‘money’ in property, cars, stocks and shares and savings. They also have the chance to borrow money and learn about interest, debt and risks.

Lessons in all subject areas incorporate an element of finance: careers, interview skills, team building activities, world finances, poverty, currencies across the world, history of the bank of England, etc.

It’s a hugely competitive, fun, fortnight in which students learn the importance and value of money and how it helps to make the world go round!

Below are the resources students will be using during the two weeks.



The winning tutor group from each small school was treated to a Cucina breakfast to celebrate their success.  

Congratulations to Ashdown 7ADN, Sherwood 7FMK and Delamere 7PGP

Catherine Bell who lead the project in Delamere School said:  Finance Fortnight 2018 has sadly come to an end. It has been amazing to see so many students completing community jobs and making well thought out decisions on what house and car to buy and also thinking about the best way to invest in shares.  Thank you to all the students for all the effort they put into the fortnight and also a big thank you to all the staff for their support and enthusiasm throughout. We look forward to Finance Fortnight 2019!”


“Finance fortnight brought out the entrepreneurial side of our pupils and it was surprising to see how focused they could be. Thanks to all the students who carried out a number of tasks for me – my classroom has never been so neat and tidy!”  Ms Galip


“Finance fortnight was absolutely fantastic! The students learnt so many practical and financial skills vital for later in life. There were several occasions where students negotiated for higher wages and bonuses for the jobs they had done in my classroom. I also witnessed several students engaged in conversations involving investment and financial planning for their form.This was an absolute delight to see. We certainly have the investment bankers and financial consultants of the future!”  Ms Morant


“Finance fortnight has encouraged me to learn how to manage my own money” Thom, 9DAN


“I have enjoyed finance fortnight because you get to earn money and invest it in the shares you want to” Thomas 9SWN


“I have enjoyed learning about how to manage my money and understanding about how the real world works like having to get a job to get money.” – Antay, 9JCA


“One of my favorite moments has been a really interesting conversation with Mr Cowie and SWN on Tax and the 15% ISA account!”  Mrs Jones, Deputy Head of Delamere


“I have been approached by students throughout the two weeks who have been delighted with “earning” money and this really will be a valuable life skill for them all. I look forward to seeing this in operation again next year”  Mr Ball, Head of Sherwood