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Finance Fortnight

Finance Fortnight

We are hugely grateful to the Stationers’ Company for their sponsorship of this annual project.  The purpose of the fortnight is to help Key Stage 3 students understand the importance of managing money.

Staff at the Academy issue credits (pretend money) to students who successfully complete a  community job or demonstrate one of our core values in lessons or around the Academy.  Credits are given to the Tutor who keeps a running total for their group.  However, students are also aware they can be ‘fined’ and these will be deducted from the group total!

Students learn how to invest their ‘money’ in property, cars, stocks and shares and savings. They also have the chance to borrow money and learn about interest, debt and risks.

Lessons in all subject areas incorporate an element of finance: careers, interview skills, team building activities, world finances, poverty, currencies across the world, history of the bank of England, etc.

It’s a hugely competitive, fun, fortnight in which students learn the importance and value of money and how it helps to make the world go round!

Below are the resources students will be using during the two weeks.