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Rewards: Pat My Back

Rewards: Pat My Back

PatMyBack’ is an online system in which teachers reward students by giving them ‘Pat-Points’ and students then exchange these for the prizes they want. ‘Pat-Points’ work as currency, so students spend them for the things they really like.

The amazing thing about PatMyBack is that, as a parent, you can log in and see how your child is doing, but also, you can add your own rewards for your child!

In order to get started using this wonderful software, please add the link to your tablets, phones or computers:

Get your child to register on the left hand side with their name as example below:

Login: Paul.SMITH

Date of Birth: 11/09/2001

It will then prompt your child to create a password. Keep this somewhere safe! Once you have done this, then if you click on the ‘Parent Tab’ at the top, you can create your own profile.

If your child has already registered but can’t log on, please ask them to register again.

If your child needs any help with this, Ms Goncalves will be available every day, after school on the top floor of Sherwood School, Office F. I am happy to welcome students during break too.

Don’t miss out! Prizes are there to be won!