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Trips and Visits

Trips and Visits

School trips form an important part of academy life and are often the most memorable when we look back on our school days. 

Trips to art galleries, museums, theatres, are regularly organised to enrich students’ cultural experience and support learning in the classroom.  The Academy ensures that no students’ learning is disadvantaged and applications for financial support for trips linked to the curriculum should be made to our finance department.

Residential trips to Europe, USA and further afield to Costa Rica and Dubai are also organised. The table below is regularly updated with planned trips and gives details on the date, cost and payment schedule to help families budget.

From 1 September 2019 parents and carers will be able to pay for trips online via Parentpay.  (Please note, any outstanding payments for trips set up in 2018/19 academic year, will continue under the current arrangements – cash or cheque.)  Those without access to a computer or the internet can use a barcode letter which allows you to pay at shops displaying the PayPoint logo.  You can request the letter from the finance department.  

Trip title

Trip date

Year group

Information letter

Total spaces

Total cost

Payment instalments 

Witness for the Prosecution

19 September 19 A Level  Please click here for letter Limited £18

Payment in full 

Kingswood Centre 11 -13 October 2019  7 (2019) Intake Please click here for letter  270 £125 £50 non refundable deposit 3 July 19 Final payment 2 September 19 
Spanish Pyrenees Ski Trip 15-22 Feb 20 7-9 Please click here for letter 40 £949

£75 non refundable deposit from 28 January – 5 February 2019

Please see letter for further instalment information

Disneyland Paris  19-21 Feb 20 7-10 Please click here for letter 35 £390

£150 non refundable deposit from 28 March – 4 February 2019

Please see letter for further instalment information

Thorpe Park  5 October 2019  Year 7 & 8  Please click here for letter Limited £36

Payment in full 




News reports from just some of the trips that took place in 2019…. 

Gruesome Trip for Year 7s 

An excellent day out was spent at the London Dungeons with some of our Year 7 students.  We enjoyed an exhilarating drop ride, had a few scares and heard some gruesome stories of the City of London.

“At the London Dungeons it was fun but terrifying at the same time.  In my opinion, the scariest parts were Jack the Ripper and when the woman broke out of the cell! I found these scary because the lights were flickering and the characters just appeared in front of you.  My friends and I were really happy and enjoyed it very much. For most of us our favourite part was the ride, it was pitch black and went up and down.” Oliver, 7SWO

Year 9 GCSE Business Studies trip to Cadbury World

Year 9 GCSE Business Studies Students visited Cadbury World in Birmingham. The early start did not hinder the students and they were actively engaged in a business seminar at the education centre on the techniques Cadbury’s use to gain a competitive advantage. Students learnt how their favourite confectionery is made and uncovered the fascinating story of Cadbury chocolate.  They played in ‘chocolate rain’ and added their favourite treat to a delicious pot of warm liquid Cadbury Dairy Milk. They discovered the origins of the cocoa bean amidst trees and waterfalls in the Aztec Jungle, before jumping on board the magical Cadabra ride and visiting the 4D Chocolate Adventure zone, a 4D cinema experience featuring Cadbury’s most popular character. Students also experienced the production techniques used to make the chocolate.

Mr Sandhu, trip leader said: “the students were excellent and it was a great way to take the business studies curriculum outside of the classroom”.

Richie Folaju: ”It was a brilliant trip with lots to do and I enjoyed the experience.”

Joshua Green: “I enjoyed the seminar as it helped me use my knowledge in the question and answer sessions.”

Lana Atkins:  “It was a great trip, experience and a day I will always remember.” 

Following the visit, we were delighted to receive a note from Cadbury’s Education & Heritage Centre Manager:  “I had the pleasure of meeting some of your students today and renewing a longstanding friendship with Mr. Sandhu.  I just wanted to note that during the marketing talk I delivered your students were very respectful, of excellent behaviour and a credit not only to your school, but to teenagers in general.  Mr. Sandhu and the other two members of staff were consummate professionals and you must be rather proud of your students and teaching staff. I sincerely trust we can host your school again.”


DSP/VI Trip to the Bridge Theatre.  

Fourteen young people from the DSP/VI Unit travelled to London Bridge to experience the specially adapted performance of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. 

The Flute Theatre’s Director and Performer, Kelly Holmes, used the Bridge Theatre’s amazing new layout which transformed the young people into insects in the Theban wood.

Her team used The Hunter Heartbeat Method, a distinctive methodology which uses Shakespeare’s rhythmic language and physical gestures to release communicative blocks within children with all levels of autism, including children who are non-verbal. This meant the show was interactive with the young people shadowing the actors and walking/talking the lines and songs with them.

All the young people seemed to be engrossed and comfortable with the day and all talked enthusiastically with the actors at the end whilst eating delicious biscuits and drinking orange juice.  They returned to SCWA tired and pleased with the success of the trip and are already planning to go again next year. 


Tearful trip to see Toy Story 4!  

Fifteen students from Year 7 went to Bluewater Cinema to celebrate Oliva Smith Del’s Year 7 Award from Jack Petchey.  Popcorn and drinks in hand they ventured into the cinema to watch a thrilling and emotional Toy Story. A visit to Burger King afterwards soon restored smiles to faces to finish off a lovely day.  All students agreed it was worth the visit!