Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy uniform is split up into three separate houses, Ashdown, Delamere and Sherwood. The three different uniforms can all be bought from JK Clothing. Trousers, skirts, jumpers and blazers all have the school logo embroidered onto them. The different houses have varying blazer crests, but all trouser, skirts and jumpers have a standard crown logo.

14 Wellington Parade,
Blackfen Road,
DA15 9NB

Telephone: 0208 303 3136

Website: to access the SCWA uniform page you will need to enter the following password: scwc038

Uniform lists

Boy’s uniform: Blazer, jumper, white button up shirt and trousers.

Girl’s uniform: Blazer, jumper, house coloured blouse, skirt or trousers, black/grey socks or tights.

*Please note we are gradually phasing out Navy socks.  If Navy socks have already been purchased by Year 8-11 students the Academy will allow them to be worn until replacements are purchased*

The house colours

Ashdown – Red crest and pink blouse

Delamere – Purple crest and purple blouse

Sherwood – Blue crest and blue blouse

How to get your uniform

There is parking on the forecourt of the shop and also more parking bays opposite. Simply come to our shop and one of our members of staff will correctly size you for a uniform for the correct house. Remember to check what house you are in before coming to the store. Be ready to try on some clothes to make sure that they fit. We have two changing rooms in the store for your privacy.

Girls’ uniform



Boys’ uniform



Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy boys are required to wear a tie:

Ashdown School – Red tie

Delamere School – Purple tie

Sherwood School – Blue tie

Ties can be purchased from Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy reception.

PE uniform

SCWA PE uniform is compulsory and should be brought to every lesson. PE uniform can be purchased from JK Clothing, whose contact details are at the top of this page. The uniform is the same for boys and girls:

  • T-Shirt (home school specific)
  • Shorts and socks, Tracksuit bottoms or Leggings
  • Optional extras: Hooded sweatshirt, Microfleece


It is expected you will provide your own trainers. Plimsolls or converse style canvas shoes are not appropriate and are not permitted.


All jewellery should be removed before lessons. Ear/nose rings that cannot be removed should be covered with tape or plasters; please provide your own.


Hair below shoulder length must be tied up.

Arden Sixth Form Dress code

arden dress code