Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy uniform has variations in colour, dependent on which Small School students are assigned: Ashdown, Delamere or Sherwood. The three different uniforms can all be bought from JK Clothing. Trousers, skirts, jumpers and blazers all have the Academy crown logo embroidered onto them. The different Schools have varying blazer crests, but all trousers, skirts and jumpers have a standard crown logo.

14 Wellington Parade,
Blackfen Road,
DA15 9NB

Telephone: 0208 303 3136

Website: to access the SCWA uniform page you will need to enter the following password: scwc038

Uniform lists

Remember to check which Small School your child is in before purchasing uniform. 

Boys: Blazer, jumper, white button up shirt and trousers.

Girls: Blazer, jumper, School coloured blouse, skirt or trousers, black/grey socks or tights.

Small School colours

Ashdown – Red crest and pink blouse

Delamere – Purple crest and purple blouse

Sherwood – Blue crest and blue blouse


Girls’ uniform



Boys’ uniform




Ties:  These can be purchased from the Academy main reception in the Crown Building:  Ashdown School – Red tie; Delamere School – Purple tie; Sherwood School – Blue tie

Guidance on other items of clothing:

Shoes:  plain black for boys and girls.  Girls should wear flat lace-ups or court shoes.  Trainers, boots or ‘sling-back’ shoes are not permissible.

Socks:  Plain black or dark grey (boys and girls).  Tights:  Plain black/dark grey

Top coat:  these should be plain (no logo or pattern), dark in colour.  ‘Hoodies’ are not permissable, either as a top coat or under a blazer.

Belts:  Plain black and plain buckle

School Bag:  Dark in colour, weatherproof and suitable to carry A4 books.

Parents should refer to their child’s School Planner for further guidance on uniform, or call their School Receptionist.

PE uniform

SCWA PE uniform is compulsory and should be brought to every lesson. PE uniform can be purchased from JK Clothing, whose contact details are at the top of this page. The uniform is the same for boys and girls:

  • T-Shirt (home school specific)
  • Shorts and socks, Tracksuit bottoms or leggings
  • Optional extras: Hooded sweatshirt, Microfleece


It is expected you will provide your own trainers. Plimsolls or converse style canvas shoes are not appropriate and are not permitted.


Jewellery should not be worn or brought to school with the exception of a wristwatch, one small ring and one pair of small stud earrings. All items of jewellery must be removed for P.E lessons for Health and Safety reasons. SCWA staff do offer a facility of personal item collection and storage during P.E lessons.


Hair below shoulder length must be tied up for PE and other practical lessons, where it may present a health and safety risk e.g. catering or product design.


Arden Sixth Form Dress code

arden dress code