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Sherwood Life


At Sherwood School we want to celebrate the many achievements and successes of our pupils. We believe that recognising hard work, high attainment, excellent homework, outstanding behaviour and commitment to school is a key part of our role as a school.Our pupils are fantastic and here are just some of the ways we celebrate and reward their achievements.

Examples of Achievement Awards


Sherwood School Prefect News

Well done to all the Sherwood pupils that applied to be a prefects, the competition was fierce and we thank every pupil that put him or herself forward.

The successful pupils are:

  • Head Boy – Ahmet
  • Head Girl – Maisie
  • Deputy Head Boys – Ali and Ananta
  • Deputy Head Girls – Frances and Tamzin

Prefect Boys

Fred, D’Mar, Rezwan, Riyad and Jordan

Prefect Girls

Laura, Jayda, Sam, Beth and Ellie

Well done!