60 Second Interview

brigita-w640As part of our series of 60 Second Interviews, we spoke to Brigita Kuzmickaite. Brigita is the first Arden student to be awarded a place at a United States University, where she will start this autumn (or “Fall” as they call it in the USA!)

Q1: What has been the main attraction to studying in the USA?

I love the liberal arts system they have in place there, in your first year you can take classes in any subject you want before you decide on your major/s (what your degree will focus on). I like all the subjects I take and it will be great to be able to take higher level classes, as well as trying subjects I’ve never done before.

Q2: Where will you go?

I’m going to Trinity College which is in Hartford, Connecticut. I will live on campus with fellow students and I plan on majoring on psychology/neuroscience, although my mind could change by taking different classes.

Q3: What do you think the key challenge will be?

It will definitely be how independent I will have to become as I can’t just hop on a train and be home, it will be a new culture and not anything I’m used to so it will be fun to experience, but it will be difficult.

Q4: What about the future?

America is America, it’s huge and has so many more opportunities available than in the UK. Whatever I graduate with, I know I will have more options for work or post-graduate (masters/PhD) to pick from than I would have gotten from a UK uni.

Q5: How does the US funding system compare to the UK?

I am on an almost full scholarship, it includes room and board so I won’t have to pay for accommodation or food, it includes a loan of $5000 (£3024) which I don’t have to pay back until I graduate and this year, I will have to pay $1000 (£605). At a UK uni, I’ll be paying £9000 per year and that doesn’t include room and board, so I will be saving a lot of money.

Thank you Brigita and the best of luck with your studies.