60th birthday celebrations at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy

Saturday 7th April saw Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy hold a 60th birthday celebration. Several hundred former students dating right back to the very early days of the school as well as previous staff attended to mark the occasion.

Organised by Jacqueline Chapman and Michael Wilmot, an astounding array of the school’s memorabilia was on show. These included photographs, press cuttings, newsletters, old school ties and even volumes of punishment books! Groups of

ex-students gathered to talk about their times at the school and had the opportunity to complete a graffiti wall and leave messages for former housemates – at one point there were 8 houses at the school.

Below a selection of photographs from the day:


The day ended with an impromptu recital by Steve Smith (www.stevesmithmusic.com) and Toby Chapman ( www.tobychapman-productions.com), former students who, since leaving the school, have pursued successful careers in the music business.