A-Level Photography Wildlife Shoot

During our A level photography lesson we created a photoshoot for our coursework where students got to photograph the exotic creatures kept in our Science Department by Mr Elboury. Animals such as a Bird Eating Tarantula, Veiled Chameleon and a Red Tailed Boa Constrictor Snake were taken out of their tanks for the students to capture real life nature shots. They were fascinated by being able to take such close up shots without having to be concerned about the reflection of the glass cases and enjoyed being able to capture the pattern and personality of these creatures. One student is using his photographs of the snake combined with his shots of Dungeness Bay to create a B movie poster of a sea serpent attacking a boat. Another is using the shots of the animals eating to highlight his theme of Life and Death.

Here are some of the comments made by the students involved:

  • I feel very lucky to have had this experience during my lesson at school and can’t wait to show my friends and family what I did today.
  • It is the first time I have been that close to a tarantula and at first I felt very nervous. I managed to get over 900 shots by the end of all the animals and can’t wait to look at them on the computer and edit them.