Dear Parents/Carers

It is with an enormous sense of pride that we welcome you to Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy. We are a values-driven Academy with an unshakeable belief in human potential and are proud of all our students. We have the highest expectations of them in terms of academic achievement, personal development, attitude, behaviour, attendance and appearance. Staff are dedicated and committed to students being stretched, challenged and supported in all their learning experiences so that they can reach their full potential and learn essential life skills to help them succeed in an ever-changing world.

Our curriculum offer is broad, innovative and inclusive with a rich variety of subjects that allow students to aspire, strive and thrive. Lessons, delivered in world-class learning facilities, are stimulating and challenging, meeting the needs of all our students. Our enrichment and extension opportunities support the development of our students as well-rounded, life-long learners.

It is an immense privilege to be part of a highly skilled, professional, team of staff, all of whom are focussed on students’ academic progress, character development, happiness and well-being. Young people face many choices and challenges in their teenage years and our Small School model enables us to provide outstanding care and pastoral support. Staff are a reassuring and constant presence in our young people’s lives and help them discover who they are and what they want to be.

As a Stationers’ school and part of the Leigh Academies Trust, our students have access to an incredible range of opportunities in industry, commerce and education.  The commitment of the Governors and Trust members is outstanding. They work tirelessly to provide advice, financial support, work experience, mentoring, apprenticeships and enrichment opportunities. ‘Stationers’ students’ are highly regarded by further education institutions and employers.

We know that young people achieve their best in a supportive and caring environment and a strong home/school relationship plays an essential part in helping our students reach their full potential.  We look forward to welcoming you as members of our Academy family.

Wayne Barnett, Principal


Small Schooling

There are three 11-16 schools with an annual intake of 90 students: Ashdown, Delamere and Sherwood. Each school is the ‘home’ school for the 450 students who attend. The Post 16 school is called Arden. The schools are serviced by bespoke centres:  2012 for sport; Symphony, our inclusion and music centre; and William Morris, our creative arts and technologies centre, including a brand new Digital Media Centre which opened in 2017. The Crown Building is the administrative hub of the Academy and also houses two drama studios and the main hall on the ground floor. On the first floor are the library and an audio visual balcony servicing the main hall.

Each school has 3 science laboratories, a specially fitted ICT room, an ICT lecture room and 7 general classrooms (9 in Delamere).   Further details of our current curriculum can be found on the curriculum page of our website.

Arden is a large and well equipped sixth form centre. Students study the full range of A levels, BTEC and vocational qualifications. The Centre has 13 ICT rooms, 3 ICT lecture rooms, 2 laboratories, an independent learning centre and 6 general classrooms.

Pastoral Support

Each student has a tutor who has responsibility for their academic progress and personal needs who they meet daily during our innovative and creative ‘Well Being’ programme.  This covers health, well being, personal development, learning and thinking skills as well as helping students develop the character traits needed to lead successful lives.  In addition to their tutor, students have access to a School Support Officer within each of the small schools.

For further details and information on each of the Small Schools and specialist learning centres, see the My School and Arden Sixth Form sections of our website.


The Academy facilities are available for community use every evening and weekend during term-time and daily throughout the school holidays.  Please contact Michael Wilmott our Business Manager, Michael.Wilmott@scwa.org.uk  for lettings information.