Dear Parents & Carers, 

As I take up my new role as Principal of Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy, I feel an immense sense of pride and commitment to the values that define our community – scholarship, fellowship, and leadership. 

These values act as the compass that guides our collective journey. Placing a strong emphasis on scholarship cultivates a love for learning and sparks intellectual curiosity among our students. Fellowship binds us together, creating a thriving community where everyone supports each other, and leadership encourages our students to become proactive, responsible, and considerate future leaders.

At Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy, we are guided by three unwavering commitments:

  1. Students will receive an exceptional educational experience in every lesson, every day. Our approach is grounded in our belief that each student deserves a world-class education. We are an IB World School that draws heavily on the IB Learner Profile, ensuring our students engage with a rigorous and well-rounded curriculum that encourages them to explore, question, and grow.
  2. Students will thrive in a culture of high expectations and receive exceptional pastoral care. Our small school model places students in one of three colleges – Ashdown, Sherwood, or Delemere, ensuring a nurturing and inclusive environment where every student is known to an adult. We also prioritise disruption-free learning, creating a respectful and focused community for students and teachers. 
  3. Students will achieve exceptional outcomes and secure high-quality destinations of their choice. Our educational journey is meticulously crafted to equip our students with the necessary skills and qualifications to open up a world of opportunities.

Our journey ahead will be guided by our shared values and driven by our commitments. I look forward to working with parents, carers and the wider community as we embark on this new chapter together. I am excited to lead Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy, a place where every student is known, valued, and set up for success.

Joseph Sparks
Principal | Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy