In the first week of the new half-term pupils and teachers alike caught election fever. Monday to Wednesday was spent exploring the workings of the UK political system and the key policies of the main political parties. Throughout this time it was great to see how engaged pupils were in the issues and the increasing fervour of discussion that happened within all classrooms.

On Thursday 8th June, along with the rest of the UK, the Academy went to the polls. Early exit polling indicated a close race between Labour and the Conservatives, with one poll predicting a Conservative victory whilst another a Labour victory. However, this inconsistency promoted a discussion about the reliability of polling data.
12 hours before the earliest constituency, all votes were counted and we officially announced a significant Labour victory with 48% of the vote.
On Friday we put the Academy result into context, similar to the Eltham constituency result but very different to the national picture. Tutors were able to use this to discuss national trends, differences and the underlying reasons behind these. Along with the inevitable questions about hung parliaments, minority governments and what happens next.
Joe Spark, Academy Advisor for Social and Religious Studies said: ” It was incredible to see how engaged pupils became in the process and how much they developed their political literacy through the week. I would like to thank all the staff for their enthusiasm and continued commitment to pupils social, moral, spiritual and cultural development.”