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Year 11 Exam Information, Key Dates & Revision Resources

Year 11 Exam Information, Key Dates & Revision Resources

Key Dates 2019/20

Short Reports w/c 14 October

w/c 16 December

w/c 30 March 2020

Parents’ Evening

Mop Up Appointments

13 January 2020

14 January 2020

Public Exams start dtbc May 2020
Graduations 29 June – Ashdown

1 July – Delamere

2 July – Sherwood

Arden Orientation Day 2 July 2020
Results Day 21 August 2020
Arden Enrolment 21 August 2020

Year 11 Letters/Powerpoints


Year 11 Golden Tickets

Golden Tickets are awarded for excellence in the following areas:

  • Achieving over 60% on exam questions completed in class.
  • Outstanding Homework
  • Outstanding Behaviour and attitude to learning being impeccable.
  • Attending intervention and having outstanding contributions in class.
  • Attending Saturday school
  • CA/coursework portfolio of Target Grade or above

​In Small School Year 11 weekly assemblies six Golden Tickets are selected for a small prize.

Year 11 Intervention

Intervention classes will run through most school holiday periods (excluding Christmas).  Please check with your child’s form tutor before booking any family holidays.

Exam Policies & Procedures

Subject Information


Click here for subject revision websites and resources


Throughout the academic year and particularly during the exam period Academy staff are always available to support students and their families.

During the summer exam period we arrange a timetable of before, during and after school revision sessions as well as weekends and half term intervention classes.  Students should ensure they take full advantage of all the additional opportunities to help maximise their grades.

Please remember that staff are also available to support any student, or their family members, suffering from exam anxiety or stress.

  • Breakfast Revision
    These sessions will run on the morning of the exam to give last minute hints, tips and advice. They can be crucial as students have information fresh in their head just before they walk into the exam. Breakfast revision sessions start at 7:30am and are approximately one hour in duration.
  • Revision Conferences
    These revision session take place during the school day when the exam in a subject is imminent. Due to constraints on the school timetable it is not possible to offer revision conferences for all exams.
  • Twilight Revision
    These sessions run on evenings when the exam in a subject is imminent (i.e. in 1 or 2 days). Twilight sessions are extended revision sessions at the end of the school day at crucial points in time and give students a longer period of time to revise with their teacher. Twilight revision sessions start at 3:00pm and are approximately 2 hours in duration.
  • Weekend Schools
    Students study key aspects of the exam with a subject specialist from 9:00 – 12:15. Students are required to remain on the school site for duration of the session but are not required to wear their school uniform.

Information for Parents & Carers

Where should my child revise?

Unsurprisingly the revision environment is critically important component in ensuring that a revision session is productive. It is vital that the revision environment is as quiet, calm and pleasant as possible: It`s essential to keep a positive attitude when working. Staying positive affects people`s ability to work efficiently and their ability to revise over long periods of time. All students at the academy are welcome to stay under supervision in either their own school or within the William Morris building until 4pm every evening, if they have no specific period 8 intervention sessions that day.

How long should they be revising for?

Every year 11 student at this point in the academic year should spend at least 2 hours each evening revising for the pre-public examinations; one of these hours includes the period 8 sessions that they are attending. The remaining hour should be spent revising material from two other subjects they are studying (30 mins each).

How should my child revise?

There are a wide variety of ways in which your child can revise depending on the subjects and your child’s favoured learning style (one size does not fit all). Students may decide to sit and read quietly, use exam papers to practice, some enjoy having a more hands-on approach-rewriting notes, making flash cards, creating mind maps and others prefer to use online tools like a video, interactive educational websites, using applications [apps] on their phone etc.  Different approaches to revising should be encouraged as it is a good way of students spicing up their revision session, making it more interesting which subsequently will keep them interested and allow them to concentrate for longer periods of time.

It is important for parents/carers to be quite hands on so please do have a glance over revision cards they may have produced, concept maps/diagrams, notes, if they are reading maybe try testing them on simple What? When? Where? Why? How? questions to help push your child even further.

Click on the links:

All students will be provided with subject specific areas for focus and subject examination revision packs/booklets. Revision guides have also been provided to students in some subjects. Please check that your child has these important resources.

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