With Met Office warnings of snowfall, we would like to restate our policy in the event of extreme weather conditions.


The  Academy’s intention is to always remain open as we do not wish to disrupt students’ learning;  we also appreciate the difficulties school closure causes to working parents. However, safety is our number one priority and we will always to act in the best interests of students and staff.  The decision to open or close the academy will take into account the weather conditions at the time of making the decision, local forecasts, potential impact on public transport and accessibility of surrounding roads.


In the event of overnight extreme weather conditions affecting the opening of the Academy, Senior Leaders and Premises staff will make a full assessment of the site and notices will be posted as early as possible, on the Academy’s website, Facebook and Twitter pages @officialSCWA.   


In the event that weather conditions deteriorate to such an extent during a school day and a decision is made to close; parents/carers will be notified by parentmail as well as notices published on the website and social media pages.  


If the Academy has to close, homework will be provided for students, particularly those in Years 11 and 13, via the Doddle platform.