Announcement from the Principal

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you may be aware, before the Easter break a covert recording was made and published online that is alleged to capture a teacher inappropriately promoting LGBT values to students during a PSHE lesson.

The academy is currently undertaking a full investigation into the incident, but given the growing press interest in the story I wanted to take this opportunity to provide an update directly to parents.

From the preliminary stage of our investigation we have identified the context surrounding the recording and I can confirm it was made at the academy. The context of the recording is that the teacher was called to the class to address a number of students who were not engaging appropriately with the lesson.

Having analysed a full transcript of the recording we are satisfied at this stage that the teacher’s conduct during the lesson did not breach any statutory guidance related to the teaching of relationships in school, nor did it breach any guidance around the safeguarding of students or the Equality Act.

We acknowledge that some families may have concerns or differing views on these topics, which is why we encourage open dialogue between parents and their children as well as with parents and the academy so that any concerns can be explored. Our aim is to work collaboratively with families to ensure that all students receive an education that meets their needs while upholding our commitment to promoting inclusivity.

We take the wellbeing and safety of all students and staff seriously. It is clear that this recording has caused distress and harassment within our school community to the extent that we have had to report ongoing homophobic harassment to the police. As a result of the abuse we have received we have also had to temporarily remove our social media pages from Facebook and Twitter but please be assured all school communications will continue as normal via email, phone and SMS. 

Once the investigation is complete I will write to parents to provide any further findings.  I will also be responding personally to any parents that have raised formal complaints in relation to this recording.  In the meantime I would like to thank parents and carers for their support and patience during this difficult time. 

Yours sincerely,

Ms S Kazmi