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Trips, Visits and Competitions

Trips, Visits and Competitions


Year 12 Film Students have been working with St.Margaret’s of Bexley

As part of building community links and extending knowledge of documentary, Year 12 Film Students have been working with St.Margaret’s of Bexley.

The project consisted of screening local archive footage to the elderly residents, followed by the Year 12 students interviewing them of their memoirs and producing two short documentaries. The project was supported by Chocolate Films who are based in Battersea.

Read all about it here.

The films will be released and posted here soon!

Dan Gleghorn

Head of Learning – Film & Media

Arden visit to the New Musical Express

Mr Beach organised a visit for Arden Student Magazine team to meet Eve Barlow, deputy editor of NME, at their London office.


60 Second Interview

brigita-w640As part of our series of 60 Second Interviews, we spoke to Brigita Kuzmickaite. Brigita is the first Arden student to be awarded a place at a United States University, where she will start this autumn (or “Fall” as they call it in the USA!)

Q1: What has been the main attraction to studying in the USA?

I love the liberal arts system they have in place there, in your first year you can take classes in any subject you want before you decide on your major/s (what your degree will focus on). I like all the subjects I take and it will be great to be able to take higher level classes, as well as trying subjects I’ve never done before.

Q2: Where will you go?

I’m going to Trinity College which is in Hartford, Connecticut. I will live on campus with fellow students and I plan on majoring on psychology/neuroscience, although my mind could change by taking different classes.

Q3: What do you think the key challenge will be?

It will definitely be how independent I will have to become as I can’t just hop on a train and be home, it will be a new culture and not anything I’m used to so it will be fun to experience, but it will be difficult.

Q4: What about the future?

America is America, it’s huge and has so many more opportunities available than in the UK. Whatever I graduate with, I know I will have more options for work or post-graduate (masters/PhD) to pick from than I would have gotten from a UK uni.

Q5: How does the US funding system compare to the UK?

I am on an almost full scholarship, it includes room and board so I won’t have to pay for accommodation or food, it includes a loan of $5000 (£3024) which I don’t have to pay back until I graduate and this year, I will have to pay $1000 (£605). At a UK uni, I’ll be paying £9000 per year and that doesn’t include room and board, so I will be saving a lot of money.

Thank you Brigita and the best of luck with your studies.

Year 12 Business Trip to Ernst & Young


Year 12 Business students went to the City of London on Wednesday 26th January  for an Insight Evening into future careers in the City. You can see Tower Bridge and the Mayor’s office in the background.

The students in the photo are (from right to left):

  • Benn Louis
  • Nathan Clarke
  • Mr Beach
  • Elizabeth Bentum
  • Steva Mesa Alexander
  • Tite Live Wasolua-Kibeti
  • Fatou Camara

Work Experience opportunities with Stephenson Harwood LLP

There is an exciting opportunity for Year 12 students to apply for the work experience programme at Stephenson Harwood (an international law firm); any students interested in the programme should contact Mr Beach.

WEX Details

Stephenson Harwood LLP, an international law firm, is offering one week’s work experience for year 12 students.

It will include workshops on writing your CV, interviewing, time management and developing your personal brand. You will have the opportunity to take part in a 1:1 CV clinic and mock interview. You will take part in a group project during your time with us, working together with other students on the Bright Sparks work experience programme.

Please note that lunches will be provided and reasonable travel expenses will be paid!


Year 12 Students Raise Cash for Camps International Expeditions

These wonderful students from Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy came into our store to bag pack and raised a fabulous £382.51 to help fund an upcoming trip – with one very generous customer donating £50.00! Their teacher commented that both colleagues and customers were very welcoming and made it a lovely day of fundraising.

Link: http://greenroom.asda.com/store/bexley-heath

Disabled Students’ Allowance CLASS DSA Needs Assessments


You are, no doubt, aware of the support that your students can obtain when they progress to Higher Education, from the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA).

However, you may not be aware that you can help to give your students a head start by encouraging and supporting them through the application process before they start University. Disabled and dyslexic students intending to start studying next academic year could gain huge benefit from applying for DSA as early as possible so that they can have their needs assessed before they start their course.

CLASS, Central London Assessment Services, is the University of Westminster’s needs assessment centre. We are based in central London, near to Oxford Circus tube station. We are the largest and longest established centre in London, with over 20 years’ experience. Accredited by the auditing body, DSAQAG, the range of equipment we have for evaluation far exceeds the minimum standards required by the auditors. Although part of the University of Westminster, over 90% of our clients are students attending other institutions.

To start the process, students must complete the DSA1 form and return it to their funding body, most often Student Finance England (SFE), with the necessary medical evidence or Educational Psychologist’s report. When all criteria are met, the applicant will receive authorisation to attend a needs assessment.

They will be given a link to the auditor’s web site to find out locations of centres near their postcode. However, no additional guidance is offered.

We can, on request, provide some brochures which I hope you and your students would find helpful in explaining the DSA process. There’s a QR code on the brochure for easy access to our web site. Alternatively enterwww.westminster.ac.uk/class into your browser.

You are most welcome to arrange a visit to our assessment centre or we would be pleased to send a representative to your institution to fully explain any queries you might have. Please contact us at dsa@westminster.ac.uk. Or you can tweet us @class_dsa.


Mr Hartnett is delighted to report that 14 students have been successful in gaining mentoring support from key universities and colleges. HEAPS are now mentoring a total of 5 students; Goldsmiths as parts of Realising Opportunities will mentor 7 students, 1 student will be mentored by UCL and 1 by Oxford University. Confirmation of mentoring opportunities for other students is still to be confirmed.

Mentoring is critical to developing students’ potential for access to the best of the UK’s universities.

SCWA success at the STEM competition final

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy success at the STEM competition final Six AS Chemists and Biologists were selected to compete at the all schools STEM Competition final. Even though competition was fierce Crown Woods pupils won both 1st and 2nd place. Well done Prajoti Bhandari and Rosie Ilott who won 1st place; and Charlotte Wood and Saffron Rees who won 2nd place.


AS Geography Field Work to the Isle of Sheppey

On Monday 10th March the AS Geography class, together with Mr Wilson, Mr Lumsden and Ms Redsell went to the Isle of Sheppey for a day of fieldwork associated with their work on coastal management. The group visited 5 sites along the north coast of the Island to investigate problems of coastal erosion, flooding and the variety of coastal management strategies that have been employed along the coastline.

The students carried out surveys, recorded a range of coastal defence measures and carried out questionnaires with locals and visitors to the island. They even managed to interview a couple who remembered the 1953 floods on the island, which left Sheerness under water!



60 Second Interview with Kadejha Morgan.

Q. What interests you most about going to Germany for WEX?

I was interested in the scheme because I love new experiences and meeting new people. Also, not only would it look great on my CV and university application but the exchange programme sounds like a lot of fun as well as learning practical skills for work in the future. I think that this is an opportunity that anyone would be crazy not to take advantage of, which is why I applied and I’m really looking forward to it.”