UCAS and Finance


Going to University is a big decision and one that we will help and support you through should you decide that this is your preferred destination on completion of your studies here at Arden Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy. If you decided that going to university is your preferred option you will need to apply through UCAS which is the central admissions application process for all university courses.

If you are unsure about what and where you want to go you can use the UCAS website to search for courses by subject or location. For every university course you will find details about the admissions policy, what are the entry criteria, when the course starts and what the course covers.

Going to University is now also expensive.  On the student finance link you will find information about the cost of going to university and also what government and student loan support you are entitled to. You can apply for financial support up to the end of the first year of your course and it will be back dated to the start of your course. The 2 different areas of support are Grants and Loans.  Grants you do not have to pay back and are based on your parents’/carers’ income. Loans you must pay back after you complete your course and are earning over £21,000 you will pay back a proportion of your earnings on a monthly basis, however if your salary falls below £21,000 at any point or for whatever reason you will cease to pay back your loan until you are earning at or above £21,000 again.

Throughout your time in Arden we will have visiting students and speakers to talk you through their experience in terms of students finance at university. We will also offer a session for parents so that they are also clear on what they are signing up for.

For further information on UCAS and Student Finance, click on the links below:


Student Finance