County Lines Workshop – 23rd Feb 2022

Dear Parents/ Carers


I am pleased  to inform you that every student in the academy will be taking part in a workshop on county lines delivered by Charlton Athletic Community Trust. The workshop will be delivered during the school day in the week beginning 7 March. This will take place in the academy’s Main Hall within year groups.

‘County Lines’ is used in reference to a form of criminal activity in which drug dealers in major cities establish networks for the supply and sale of drugs to users in towns and rural areas, using other people (typically those who are young or otherwise vulnerable) to carry, store, and sell the drugs. We strongly believe all our young people should be aware of this issue. 

The workshop will be led by Paul Robinson and Kim Dixson who are Crime Reduction and Mentoring Managers from Charlton FC. They will be joined by someone who was previously involved in county lines and is now working with young people in the community to make a positive difference.

The workshops will run as follows:

  • Year 7: Monday 7 March Period 1
  • Year 8: Monday 7 March Period 2
  • Year 9: Wednesday 9 March Period 1 
  • Year 10: Wednesday 9 March Period 2 

Details for the year 11 sessions will be confirmed later. 

More details about the support and programmes Charlton FC offer can be found here: Charlton FC Crime Reduction

This is a serious topic and I understand some parents might feel anxious about their children taking part. The aim of the workshop is to educate young people on what county lines are and how to look out for the warning signs of someone trying to get them involved.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

Kind regards

Ms L Marsh
Assistant Principal