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KS4: BTEC Creative Media Production


Our aim in GCSE and GCE Film Studies  is to broaden knowledge and understanding of the film industry in the hope of young people using films as a way to stimulate reflection on their own lives and place in the world as global citizens. Film education allows young people to experience a range of political, social, cultural and historical contexts. We explore how film can present a certain ideology, why spectators may respond emotionally to film and how films are constructed. Additionally, film can offer openings for learners to express their own practical interests as potential film-makers with the vision of them going into the film industry at some level after completing a film based course at University. But overall, to have a life-long love and understanding and appreciation of film.

An introduction of key concepts is offered in the opening weeks of the course to provide early support. 

Our lessons begin with a retrieval task to assess the embedding of prior knowledge. Due to the nature of the course our lessons contain dual coding, often teacher led with examples from media texts. Media texts are used as a stimulus the same way a poem would be to evoke response.

Almost all jobs, from a doctor to a delivery driver, from a mechanic to a nurse all rely heavily on digital technology, and so many units will develop IT skills. Students will also learn how to communicate your ideas visually by means of sketches and storyboards; to speak in public and via electronic media..

Students  show team working and creative thinking skills in presentations and discussions. All learners will develop these skills regardless of the specialist units they are taking. 

Schedule of learning

  • Module 1 – Media theory and key concepts
  • Module 2 – Developing practical skills
  • Module 3 – Exploring Media Products from the print, AV and interactive media sectors
  • Module 4 – How do the products communicate their purpose to the audience through the use of production techniques and representations?
  • Module 5 – Study of media companies and the construction of a pitch to clients
  • Module 6 – Representation of Technology

Schedule of learning

  • Module 1 – Develop media production skills and techniques
  • Module 2 – Apply media production skills and techniques to create a media product
  • Module 3 – Apply media production skills and techniques
  • Module 4 –  Review own progress and development of skills and practices
  • Module 5 – Responding to a brief
  • Module 6 – Responding to a brief

Exam Board Information

  • Eduqas Film Studies GCSE