Digital Learning

Digital Learning

To ensure all students can access the full curriculum in all circumstances we will be utilising Google Classroom to share resources and communicate with parents and students about classwork and homework. Subject teachers have created Google Classrooms for all subjects and all students have been invited to join. Furthermore, students have received training in how to use Google Classroom and Google Meet during their wellbeing sessions or through their ICT lessons. There are also some helpful videos below.

To ensure students can access the full curriculum in all circumstances SCWA will be utilising Google

Classroom this academic year.  Below highlights how Google classroom will be utilised to support your child’s learning.

  • Teachers will upload all lessons onto the Google Classroom at the beginning of each day so students that are self-isolating can follow their normal time table.
  • All subjects will set homework tasks in Google Classroom.
  • If a teacher is self-isolating then they will deliver ‘live lessons’ to their on-site class through Google Classroom
  • If school is partially or fully closes due to COVID-19 then teachers will deliver ‘live lessons’ via Google Classroom to students who are learning remotely.  It is expected that students follow their normal  time table.
  • All ‘live lessons’ will be recorded and uploaded on to the Google Classroom.  This will assist any  students who have a shared computer at home.
  • Pre-recorded lessons will be uploaded on to Google Classroom when delivering ‘live lessons’ is not possible.
  • As parents/careers you are unable to access your child’s Google Classroom.  You can however receive a Guardian email summary which outlines:
    • Missing work
    • Upcoming work deadlines
    • Teacher announcements
    • Assignments posted by teachers

Google Classrooms have been created for every subject and all students have been invited to join by their subject teachers.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Google classrooms have been created for every subject and all students have been invited to join by their subject teachers (via email and/or by class code).  All students have received google classroom training through wellbeing or via their ICT lessons.  Should your child still not be a member in one of their subjects google classroom then click on the remote learning link for child’s year group.  All google classroom codes are listed there.

Parents/Careers do not have a login to be able to access their child’s google classroom.  We recommend sitting down with your child and walking through their ‘Classroom’ with them to discuss their learning, their upcoming assignments, classwork and any notifications from teachers. To access the Google Apps on a web browser, go to and then your child will need to sign in using their school login details. It is also recommended that your child downloads the free Google Apps onto their mobile device too via the App Store/Play Store.

Although you cannot join your child’s google classrooms you can receive a daily or weekly guardian email summary.  Guardian email summaries include:

  • Missing work – worked not turned in when the summary was sent
  • Upcoming work – work that’s due today and tomorrow (for daily emails) or that’s due in the upcoming week (for weekly emails)
  • Class activity – announcements, assignments, and questions recently posted by teachers.

(Note:  Guardians who sign up for email summaries cannot see the Stream, Classwork, People or Grades pages in Classroom)

If you wish to receive a guardian email summary then please email your child’s subject teachers who will send you an invitation.  You will then have the option of receiving daily or weekly summaries.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

Parents should email and ask for their child’s password to be reset.  Please ensure you use the email address you have provided the school with when making this request.

Staff are setting work on the days that they would have each class, so your child should be aiming to follow their daily timetable of lessons, logging into the google classrooms for that day and completing the tasks/assignments set.  All lesson resources and homework tasks can be found on the classwork page within each google classroom from the beginning of the day.

Students who are learning remotely (from home) should aim to follow their normal daily time table.  Staff will deliver ‘live lessons’ and wellbeing sessions via Google Meet – the link to join is located at the top of the Stream page.  When delivering live lessons is not possible students will be set pre-recorded lessons to engage with.  Lesson resources and homework assignments will be uploaded on to the Classwork page at the beginning of the day.  It is expected that students attend all lessons, comply with work deadlines and complete work to the best of their ability.

All ‘live lessons’ will be recorded and uploaded on to the subjects google classroom at the end of the day.  Students will be able to find the ‘live lessons’ along with resources and tasks set on the Classwork page in the google classroom. 

During a google meet students can pose questions in the ‘Chat with me tab’.  

When completing tasks within the google classroom students can write a comment to the teacher.  Alternately, they can email their subject teacher directly.  All teachers’ email addresses can be found on the SCWA website.

Teachers will be setting work in line with a normal school day therefore if your child finishes their work early, then please ask them to check it and show it to you.  Is there any more that can be added?

If they have finished, then your child can refer to the knowledge organisers that have been produced by every subject for all students in Years 7 to 13.  These have been uploaded into subjects google classrooms and can also be found on the SCWA website.  Students can use the knowledge organisers as a revision tool to build up their knowledge and confidence.  Low stakes tests will continue to take place remotely which will be based on the content covered within the knowledge organisers. This strategy helps best prepare your son/daughter for the level of recall needed to be successful at GCSE and A-level.

Then they should stop, have a break and come back to it later.  ‘Live Lessons’ will be recorded and uploaded on to the google classroom as will any pre-recorded lessons therefore they can be accessed at a later date.

Parents should inform the school if their child is not to join a ‘live lesson’ and outline the reason why.

Contact your child’s teacher if it is a subject/work issue. Contact your child’s Head of School or School Support Officer if it is a well-being issue.  Any queries can be sent to and it will be directed to the person who can best help you. 

Contact us 

Please note that this request should be made by a student’s parent/career.  Please ensure you use the email address you have provided the school when making this request.

Pastoral Support

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy pastoral teams will continue to support students in accessing the curriculum as we all get used to this new way of working.  Below highlights how the School Support Managers (SSMs) will support your child in Remote Learning at each tier.

Tier 0-1

School fully open

SSMs will support the home school leadership teams in following up with students who are not accessing the google classrooms and/or completing homework/home learning
Tier 2

School open but operating on a rota

SSMs to monitor the home learning of students in the year groups that are not onsite. This feedback will be shared with home school leadership teams and SSMs will lead on the communication with parents/carers via telephone/email to ensure that all students are online and/or completing work in line with their timetable.
Tier 3

Partial opening 

onsite provision to vulnerable children, the children of key workers and selected year groups

SSMs to monitor the home learning of students in the year groups that are not onsite. This feedback will be shared with home school leadership teams and SSMs will lead on the communication with parents/carers via telephone/email to ensure that all students are online and/or completing work in line with their timetable. 
Tier 4

Closed (lockdown)

onsite provision for priority groups only e.g. key worker children

SSMs will monitor the home learning of all year groups and follow up with parents/carers where students are not working remotely and following timetable.

Parents can contact the SSMs by calling the school number 0208 850 7678 or emailing via

All students are required to follow their normal school timetable whilst working remotely. Any student who does not follow their normal school timetable will fall behind with their education and this will be reflected when they return to the academy and sit assessments. 

SEN students will be supported by the symphony team during remote learning periods. The SENDCo will direct learning support assistants to support students, teachers and parents with differentiating work and completion of work.  The symphony team will also support students emotionally and mentally should they require it during periods of isolation.  If emotional support is needed please email

Additional Information 

As part of our ongoing drive to take learning outside of the classroom we have created a friendly guide to a series of websites that you could use independently to strengthen your subject knowledge. The resources are aimed at students starting from Key Stage 3 all the way through to A Level.

PSHE Remote Learning Programme

Whilst learning remotely, students will be able to access Personal, Social, Health and Economic wellbeing education as well as Relationships and Sex Education through live video lessons delivered by their form tutors. Students will receive a weekly assembly on Mondays, led by the Senior Leadership and Student Leadership team. They will work on their literacy skills on Tuesdays, and will access PSHE lessons focused on topics such as Careers, Mental Health, Healthy Living, Healthy Relationships and Life Skills. Should you have any questions about the PSHE and RSE Programme for our SCWA students, please do not hesitate to contact us via email:

Students will be expected to log into their Tutor Google Classroom at 8:30 am, Monday to Friday, for 30 minutes. The schedule will be as follows:


Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday
Assembly Literacy PSHE PSHE

PSHE/ Notices

myON and Accelerated Reader

What is MyON?

MyON is an online library of fiction, non-fiction and articles which you can access on any electronic device. You can look up a book and actually read it on the screen. There are many features to explore including one which turns a text into an audio book so it is read to you!

Your teacher may set tasks for you to complete in myON but you can also go on and read as often as you like.

Click on the link for a short video that tells you more about what myON is and how it works:

How do I get on to myON? 

  1. Go to  on any device.
  2. Log in using the following information:
    • School: Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy
    • Username: your email address in lowercase e.g
    • Password: This has been emailed to you. Your username and password have been emailed to you but if you cannot find them please email Mrs Richardson in the library ( or ask your English teacher. Usernames and passwords are all in lowercase.
  3. The first time you log in, you will be asked to complete the myON interests survey by going down the list and clicking the circles to indicate how interested you are in each topic.  Select ‘Save’ at the top of the page when this is done.

If you are in years 7 or 8, you should link your myON account to your AR account

  1. Log on to myON as described above
  2. Click on the orange  ‘Connect’ button in the ‘Power Up Your Reading’ box
  3. Enter your Accelerated Reader username when asked to. (It is your email address in lowercase)
  4. Enter your password when asked to (It was emailed to you and is the same as your myON password. )
  5. This will take you through to a screen where you need to click ‘Allow’.
  6. The screen should return to the myON home screen.
    Click on the short video link below which will show you what to do if you are still confused. If you have any problems, ask your teacher or Mrs Richardson in your library lesson.

Remember if you want to access your Accelerated Reader account from home to do quizzes or look up books, you can do this by visiting the ‘Accelerated Reader’ link on the ‘Our Curriculum’ page of the school website or by clicking on the following link:

Access myON

To take an AR quiz DO NOT google Renaissance Learning. It won’t work!  Either: click here: or Go to the school website and click on ‘Our Curriculum’. Scroll down and click on ‘Accelerated Reader Link’

You can create a shortcut on your desktop to Renaissance Learning by:

  1. Click on this
  2. Highlight the web address in the browser.
  3. Use the left click of your mouse button to drag the address onto your desktop.


SCWA has purchased two programmes to assist students with their reading. All students in year 7-11 can access myON and students in years 7 and 8 also have a login for Accelerated Reader.  The username and password are the same for both systems.

This is an online platform that offers a large volume of online library books along with daily news articles for students to read for pleasure or as part of their virtual learning experience. It can be accessed on any electronic device and also has a function that turns the text into an audio book so that it can be read to the student as they follow if he/she prefers. 

  • Go to
  • Enter the school name, student username and password when directed.

Students are being shown the following video on how to use myON. Please open this link if you would like to watch it.  Student Video Demo

To read through a parent guide please Parent Guide To MyON

 Accelerated Reader is a system that enables students to read books that are appropriate for their reading level. Many internationally published books have a book level.  Students have completed an assessment and as a result have been given their ZPD range. This is the book  level that they should try to read within. When they have read a book, they can take a quiz and generate points towards a target that has been set for them.  Students have their ZPD level and points target on a sticker in their journal.

We hope that students will aim to read for at least 20 minutes per day. In doing so, they will move forward towards their targets and develop their reading ability in order to face the future challenges of GCSE and beyond. We review the ZPD ranges 3 or 4 times per year. 

Go to:       or    go to the Stationers’ Crown Woods website and click on the Our Curriculum page where there is an Accelerated Reader link to click on.

  • Click on ‘I am a student’.
  • Enter student’s username and password. 

Students can use a colour coding system at school to find books within our school library. However, you can help them find books within their ZPD range at the following website:

Accelerated Reader bookfinder

  • Click on ‘advanced search’
  • Leave most of the information on the form that appears blank but do fill in:
    • His/her ZPD range (this is on a sticker in your child’s planner)
    • His/her chronological age in ‘Interest Level’
    • Interests they have (optional)

Searching will then bring up lots of books within their reading range. 

For any login issues please email .

Any further questions, please email

How can I get hold of books to read?

The bookshops and libraries may be closed but there are still lots of ways that you can access books for free!


All SCWA students in years 7-11 have membership to, an online library of books and non-fiction articles. You were sent your login details at the beginning of November but if you do not know them, you can email  or your English teacher to request them. 

For demo video

Audible are offering free downloads on lots of children’s books:

  • Royal Greenwich Libraries

Royal Greenwich Libraries have a wide variety of online resources including ebooks, e-Audio books, e-Magazines, music streams and downloads. Everyone living, working and studying in the borough can get a Royal Greenwich Libraries card. Below are details on how to join the library and access their online resources. 

  1. Go to to register for a Greenwich One Card.
  2. You will receive an email with a temporary barcode and instructions on how to get your library card number and PIN. 
  3. Follow the instructions on the email as directed 
  4. Your library card number and PIN will be emailed back to you.

Once done online resources can be accessed via the link below or by ‘googling’ Greenwich Libraries.Books can be read directly online or on the Libby app which is free to download

  • Recommended Reading Lists 

Recommended reading lists for all year groups can be found at:

Barrington Stoke publish books that appeal to teenage students with dyslexia:

  • Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Members can read some children’s books for free by using Prime Reading.  You can browse titles currently available then click ‘read for free’ to download them to your device.

  • National Literacy Trust 

Literacy activities are available on Zone In:

Students can access weekly challenges, exclusive celebrity videos, free audiobooks, and more. Brand new activities are added every week, with a wide range of topics from breakdancing to stand-up comedy to CV writing. Skills’ Academy can be used by families who can sign up and work on their comprehension and freestyling together.

If you are in years 7 and 8 can use the above website to find books that are in line with your ZPD reading level.  Go to the website. Select ‘Advanced Search’. Put in your chronological age in ‘Interest Level’  and your ZPD reading range in the box provided and press search!

You should continue to take Accelerated Reader quizzes on the books that you read by  clicking on : or going to the school website, clicking on ‘Our Curriculum’ and then on ‘Accelerated Reader Link’. Your login information is the same as your myON information. DO NOT GOOGLE RENAISSANCE LEARNING. IT WILL GIVE YOU A LOGIN PAGE THAT LOOKS THE SAME BUT IT IS NOT AND IT WILL NOT LET YOU IN!

If you’d like any more assistance with reading or literacy advice during this time, please contact

How can I encourage my child to read?

The Importance of Reading

At SCWA, we recognise that reading ability is key for students’ life chances as well as wanting to generate a love of reading. It is vital that students continue to read at home for the duration of their secondary school career, and we want to encourage parents to play a significant part in developing the habit of reading in our children. The below offers information and advice to support you in this.

How long should my child be reading for and how regularly?

Students should aim to read for at least 15 minutes per day.  They are given chances to read in school in tutor time and in a fortnightly library session. Students can access the library at break and lunchtimes to read and borrow books.

How can I help my child develop the habit of reading?

  • Let them read to you or read together by alternating pages/paragraphs.
  • Read the same book as they are so that you can talk to them about things that happen in it and interesting issues that come up.
  • Encourage them to read to their younger siblings or a pet!
  • Treat them to a book every month/half term. Perhaps take them to a really nice bookshop and let them choose one, whilst teaming it up with a hot chocolate!
  • Understand how the AR system works and encourage them to take quizzes at home
  • Make sure they have joined a local library so that they can borrow books both electronically and in hard copy.
  • Encourage them to listen to audiobooks or use the ‘read to me’ function on myON (see Digital Learning section of SCWA website.)
  • Use the following link to access recommended age appropriate book lists:
  • Use the following link to find books that are similar to other books that they have enjoyed:
  • Download some sort of reading/ebook app onto any device that they might have
  • Investigate Barrington Stoke publishers for dyslexia friendly texts.

What are myON and Accelerated Reader?

SCWA has purchased two programmes to assist students with their reading. All students in year 7-11 can access the myON digital library and  students in years 7-8 also have a login for Accelerated Reader.  Their username and password are the same for both systems. To find out more about how these systems work, please go to the Digital Learning section of the academy website.

For any login issues please email .

Any further questions, please email