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Our curriculum Intent is to ensure that students gain a full understanding of key economic theories and principles as they complete the A Level course. We expect students to be apply to apply their knowledge and understanding of economics to make sense of what is happening in the local, regional, national and international economy at the moment. We want students to both think like economists and offer solutions from economics in relation to key issues faced at the moment. We also want students to develop and love for and a respect for the subject (which includes its limitations) through their study of the subject over the course of their studies.

KS5: A Level Economics

Course Outline

Year 12 Topics

  • Economic methodology 
  • Price determination
  • Production, costs and revenue 
  • Behavioural economics 
  • Measuring economic performance How the macroeconomy works 
  • Economic performance 
  • Financial markets Macroeconomic policy

Year 13 Topics

  • Market failure 
  • Market structure 
  • Distribution of wealth and income
  • The labour market
  • The international economy


The nature of the subject demands that students are regularly and routinely revisiting prior learning to reinforce their learning. The start of most lessons will recap on prior learning. In year 13, regular multiple choice tests are given and students are always encouraged to select knowledge and understanding from across the specification when they are planning and writing their extended answers. Students are taught throughout the course to think like economists and draw upon all of the knowledge they have to analyse an issue or answer a question. It is also made very clear to them that the learning in economics is often very sequential, hence students must be continually reinforcing and embedding their prior learning.

As a natural part of virtually all lessons students are encouraged to look at what is happening in the world at all levels and to try and understand the issue and often the solution through the eyes of an economist. This not only helps their learning, but also, it shows them the relevance and significance of the subject in today’s society.

Exam Board Information

  • Edexcel A Level Economics A

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