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KS4: Life Skills


To provide a high quality study of religions and society through a variation of evidence-informed pedagogical approaches example: 

  • Retrieval Practice
    All lessons begin with a Do Now activity that is retrieval based. Retrieval tasks must aid students to draw on religious key terms and previous taught content. 
  • Modelling, Scaffolding and Worked Examples
    Procedural knowledge will be explicitly modelled to students to support metacognition. Teachers highlight how to achieve full marks in set questions and the structure that is needed. Students will also have an opportunity to see model examples and have an opportunity to articulate their opinion in an academic format.
  • Formative Assessment
    Teachers will check for understanding multiple times a lesson. This may involve cold calling, probing questioning, process questioning, mini white boards and Google forms The teacher will use these checks to adapt their lesson as necessary.

To provide a high quality study of world religions and society. Life skills provides an education that is brimming with SMSC and creates learners who are open minded and think critically by default. The learning delivered in RE  core throughout all key stage 4 will create young people who have a deep understanding of diversity and both compassion and empathy for people who belong to cultural and religious traditions different from their own. 

Schedule of learning

  • Module 1 – Religion in the media
  • Module 2 – Streetwise
  • Module 3 – Careers
  • Module 4 – Sexual Health
  • Modules 5 & 6 – Religion in the 21st century 

Schedule of learning

  • Module 1 – Medical ethics
  • Module 2 – Social media influencers
  • Module 3 – Health and wellbeing
  • Module 4 – Financial education
  • Module 5 – Philosophy & ethics

Exam Board Information

  • This is a non-examined subject with no exam board.