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At Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy the intention of the Politics curriculum is to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to be able to understand the ever changing world around them and to be able to communicate their analysis of current events.

We aim to develop students that are:

  • Able to apply their deep knowledge and understanding of political theory to practical situations, relevant to the current political climate
  • Engaged in issues of current affairs, able to critically engage with news sources and identify bias
  • Active participators, appreciating the role they play as actors in a complex world
  • Independently minded critical thinkers, able to evaluate a range of perspectives and form a justified viewpoint

As a knowledge-rich curriculum we believe that knowledge underpins and enables the application of skills; both are entwined. Knowledge is delivered to students and then built upon through the practice of essays, with regular quality feedback being given to support student progress. The knowledge acquired then allows students to develop their analytical and critical thinking skills, consistently making synoptic links between topics and engaging in relevant current issues.

KS5: A Level Politics

Course Outline

Students study the AQA A-Level Politics course which covers three separate components, and is examined through three seperate exam papers. However, knowledge and understanding developed as the course goes along should be used synoptically across all of the sections with ideological understanding reinforcing political actions and comparisons made between UK and US contexts.

  • Component 1 – Government and Politics of the UK
  • Component 2 – Government and Politics of the USA and Comparative Studies
  • Component 3 – Political Ideologies

The 2 hour summative exam for each component is worth 33% of the overall grade. They are each structured as follows:

  • Section A – 3 x 9 mark short answer questions
  • Section B – 1 x 25 mark source based essay question
  • Section C – Complete one of a selection of 25 mark essay questions

Exam Board Information

  • AQA A Level Politics

Additional Resources/Information