The Importance of Reading

At SCWA, we recognise that reading ability is key for students’ life chances as well as wanting to generate a love of reading. It is vital that students continue to read at home for the duration of their secondary school career, and we want to encourage parents to play a significant part in developing the habit of reading in our children. The below offers information and advice to support you in this.

How long should my child be reading for and how regularly?

Students should aim to read for at least 15 minutes per day.  They are given chances to read in school in tutor time and in a fortnightly library session. Students can access the library at break and lunchtimes to read and borrow books.

How can I help my child develop the habit of reading?

  • Let them read to you or read together by alternating pages/paragraphs.
  • Read the same book as they are so that you can talk to them about things that happen in it and interesting issues that come up.
  • Encourage them to read to their younger siblings or a pet!
  • Treat them to a book every month/half term. Perhaps take them to a really nice bookshop and let them choose one, whilst teaming it up with a hot chocolate!
  • Understand how the AR system works and encourage them to take quizzes at home  (see Digital Learning section of SCWA website)
  • Use to help them find books that they would like to read. (Instructions below)
  • Make sure they have joined a local library so that they can borrow books both electronically and in hard copy.
  • Encourage them to listen to audiobooks or use the ‘read to me’ function on myON (see Digital Learning section of SCWA website.)
  • Use the following link to access recommended age appropriate book lists:
  • Use the following link to find books that are similar to other books that they have enjoyed:
  • Download some sort of reading/ebook app onto any device that they might have
  • Investigate Barrington Stoke publishers for dyslexia friendly texts.

What are myON and Accelerated Reader?

SCWA has purchased two programmes to assist students with their reading. All students in year 7-11 can access the myON digital library and  students in years 7-8 also have a login for Accelerated Reader.  Their username and password are the same for both systems. To find out more about how these systems work, please go to the Digital Learning section of the academy website.

For any login issues please email .

Any further questions, please email