SCWA has purchased two programmes to assist students with their reading. All students in year 7-11 can access myON and students in years 7 and 8 also have a login for Accelerated Reader.  The username and password are the same for both systems.

This is an online platform that offers a large volume of online library books along with daily news articles for students to read for pleasure or as part of their virtual learning experience. It can be accessed on any electronic device and also has a function that turns the text into an audio book so that it can be read to the student as they follow if he/she prefers. 

  • Go to
  • Enter the school name, student username and password when directed.

Students are being shown the following video on how to use myON. Please open this link if you would like to watch it.  Student Video Demo

To read through a parent guide please Parent Guide To MyON

 Accelerated Reader is a system that enables students to read books that are appropriate for their reading level. Many internationally published books have a book level.  Students have completed an assessment and as a result have been given their ZPD range. This is the book  level that they should try to read within. When they have read a book, they can take a quiz and generate points towards a target that has been set for them.  Students have their ZPD level and points target on a sticker in their journal.

We hope that students will aim to read for at least 20 minutes per day. In doing so, they will move forward towards their targets and develop their reading ability in order to face the future challenges of GCSE and beyond. We review the ZPD ranges 3 or 4 times per year. 

Go to:       or    go to the Stationers’ Crown Woods website and click on the Our Curriculum page where there is an Accelerated Reader link to click on.

  • Click on ‘I am a student’.
  • Enter student’s username and password. 

Students can use a colour coding system at school to find books within our school library. However, you can help them find books within their ZPD range at the following website:

Accelerated Reader bookfinder

  • Click on ‘advanced search’
  • Leave most of the information on the form that appears blank but do fill in:
    • His/her ZPD range (this is on a sticker in your child’s planner)
    • His/her chronological age in ‘Interest Level’
    • Interests they have (optional)

Searching will then bring up lots of books within their reading range. 

For any login issues please email .

Any further questions, please email