GCSE Results Day 2023

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Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is celebrating an extraordinary year with outstanding GCSE results that reflect the academy’s dedication to excellence.

The Attainment 8 score has reached an impressive 50, marking a substantial improvement on 2019 and 2022. This achievement is a testament to the hard work and commitment of the students, and the academy’s unwavering dedication to providing high-quality teaching and learning in every lesson, every day.

The 4+ rate of 78% and a 5+ rate of 47.9% for English and mathematics marks a significant improvement on the results of 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. Notably strong performances span several departments. In religious education, over 75% of children achieved a grade of 7+. In English, over 75% of pupils achieved a 5+, with over 33% achieving a 7+. In addition, more than 33% of children achieved a 7+ in biology, chemistry, physics, Spanish, and art and design.

In addition, there are a number of students who are celebrating standout performances, reflecting the remarkable talent and dedication within our student body:

  • Platon: Grade 9s in every single subject- a flawless performance in science, computer science, English language, English literature, history, mathematics, and Spanish;
  • Janaii: Grade 9 in science, English language, English literature, history, religious studies, and sociology, with a 6 in mathematics;
  • Ryan: Grade 9 in science and English literature, 8s in business, computer science, English language, mathematics, and sociology;
  • Claudia: Grade 9 in history and Spanish, 8s in art & design, science, English language and English literature, with a 7 in mathematics;
  • Kin: Grade 9 in chemistry, English literature, mathematics, and physics, 8s in biology and computer science, with a 7 in business and 6 in English language;
  • Alexia: Grade 9 in English literature and sociology, 8s in history and Spanish, with 7s in science, English language, and mathematics; and
  • Dylan: Grade 9 in history, 8s in science, computer science, English language, English literature, and music, with a 7 in mathematics.
Students opening their results with their family and Mr Sparks
Students holding their results
Students opening their results
Students opening their results
Students holding their results
Mr Farr, Claudia, Mr Sparks
Mr Sparks, Ryan, Ms Long
Mr Walker, Platon, Mr Sparks
Ms Awoberu, Janaii, Mr Sparks

Mr Sparks, Principal of Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy, expressed his enthusiastic admiration, stating, “These results truly embody the spirit of excellence and resilience that defines our students and staff at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy. The collaborative effort of our students, their families, and our dedicated teachers has led to these outstanding achievements. We extend my heartfelt congratulations to all students for reaching this important milestone. As they prepare for their next steps, we are thrilled to welcome many of them into our Arden Sixth Form, where they will continue their journey with us, striving for even greater success. For all our students, whether continuing their education with us or exploring new opportunities, we wish them a bright and promising future.”