Greenwich Young People’s Council

Congratulations to Sherwood School Head Girl Maisie who has been elected to Greenwich Young People’s Council, she has already demonstrated excellent leadership qualities in her role as Head Girl and I am sure she will bring great ideas and enthusiasm to the council.

Greenwich Young People’s Council (GYPC) is a group of elected young people which exists to represent the views of children and young people from across the borough and to influence decision-making within the council.

The group exists to raise awareness of and promote the active and meaningful engagement of young people in politics, democracy and citizenship. They do this by:

  • running campaigns on key issues that affect the lives of young people in Greenwich
  • holding events throughout the year for young people across the borough
  • advising on and, where appropriate, taking action on policies, activities and services that affect young people in Greenwich
  • identifying and delivering change, where GYPC can themselves make change.