Inspirational exhibition of WW1


An inspirational exhibition of WW1 imagery is on display at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy.  Students in Year 9 have been working with specialist heritage artist Jane Churchill on an exciting Livery Companies collaborative project.

The project has fired the imagination of Year 9 students who created outstanding pieces of artwork for display.  It focuses on the heritage of the supply chain behind the scenes in WW1, the importance of the trades and industries represented by the Livery Companies both in terms of the strategic role they played and the human stories linked to them.

With our Academy links to The Stationers’ Company, students looked at how the print industry contributed to the war effort.  They visited St Bride’s Museum and Library as part of their research.  They were fascinated to learn how soldiers in the Ypres trenches published their own satirical magazine ‘Wipers Times’ using an abandoned printing press.  Articles included poems, reflections and jokes, even mock adverts were created to help provide a brief respite from the grim reality of their situation.  The Exhibition is on display until 5th October in the William Morris Building within the Academy.

In 2017, the whole body of student work will be curated for an important exhibition at the Guildhall Art Gallery alongside Jane’s own work, “Degrees of Separation” and work from the LSL WW1 Pattenmakers’ project which Mulberry School for Girls created in 2015 and exhibited at the Livery Showcase Event at Barber Surgeons’ Hall. During the time of the Guildhall exhibition, there will be a comprehensive programme of events and activities for the eleven participating schools, Livery Companies and the public.

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