January Return – Key Workers

Dear Parent/Carer,

Following on from the Principal’s letter regarding arrangements for next week, I would just like to clarify the arrangements for your child as you have requested that you would like your child to have access to live learning from a workstation on the academy site. Pupils should follow their standard timetable and be on site by 8.30am each morning.

Pupils accessing this provision will use the main gate to enter the academy; the gate will be open from 8.15am each morning. Year group hub zones will not be open before school during this time. Pupils should then walk to Arden, following the one-way system and wearing their masks (or exemption lanyards if they have been given one of these). Pupils have been allocated a room with computer facilities on the ground floor of Arden. They will be directed where to go when they arrive at Arden. Pupils should use tutor time to get themselves ready for period 1, ensuring that they are ready to access their Google classrooms for the day. There will be members of staff supervising these rooms who will be able to assist pupils in doing this; your child will need a pair of earphones so that they can access live learning without the distraction of others in the room. Year group bubbles will be maintained. 

During the week beginning Monday 4 January 2021 there will be no catering facilities at the academy so a packed lunch and drinks will be required.

Best wishes

Ms A Croft

Associate Principal