Lunch with…

Lunch with is a opportunity for students to meet people from various professions. Students will have the chance to ask any questions they may have on their job’s. Please see below for upcoming visitors and information of past visit’s.

Lunch with a Barrister – Over thirty of our students chose to spend their lunchtime meeting a group of Barristers from One Crown Office Row. This session included discussions about the role of a Barrister, possible career routes and the importance of maintaining an excellent academic record.  The Barristers have been kind enough to offer a work experience placement to any of our students who are interested.  If you would like to take up this opportunity, please speak with Mrs Sudds.


Lunch with a Doctor – On the 16th of October we were fortunate enough to be visited by a junior doctor undertaking her first year as a F1 doctor. Dr Sawkins came to Delamere to discuss with Year 9, 10 and 11 about the typical day of a doctor just out of medical school whilst working at the world renowned St George’s Hospital. During her insightful talk, she discussed the competitive nature of medicine, how important great grades are, the need for worthwhile experiences outside of the classroom and how determination is vital to succeed in obtaining a place, not only in medical school but into any top university.

Dr Sawkins attended Southampton University for an undergraduate degree in Biomedical sciences (with our own Mr Cowie) from 2008 to 2011. After graduating with a BSc she then began a 4 year graduate programme in Medicine also at Southampton. She is currently working in a surgery rotation at St George’s and came in to talk to our students the morning after a 14 hour shift the day before- Thank you Dr Sawkins!