Poetry Week

Poetry Week

Poetry week , National Poetry Day assembly and KS3 Poetry competition:


  • To celebrate National Poetry Day this year, Delamere students learned through poetry in all of their English lessons and read poems in all subjects in place of usual starter tasks. 
  • In assembly on Thursday, we had a poetry bonanza: Some students read poems they chose, the history of poetry was presented by the Year 11 prefects, staff read subject related poetry and a group of Year 8 English students read some poetry they had written to challenge ideas about vulnerable groups of people in our community (see some below).
  • Miss Doubtfire run a Years 7,8 and 9 poetry competition. 

I represent for the bullied

Shaking, as they push me like I’m trash

“Just let me go!” I scream, I plead

Hitting the ground with a big, loud crash

No one knows anything about me,

Yet they have the need to judge me

 I come home everyday,

Covered in bruises, scars and wounds

My mum knows nothing

Nobody treats me like they should,

With love and care

Instead of verbal, mental and physical abuse

In my room I stare,

At the messages on my phone lying over there

Slashing my wrist in one quick motion

And now I’m still, with no emotion

By Jasraj Manak 8ZBL


My Verse by Joshua Gregory.

I represent for the young mums,

The ones that got raped,

They’re still young,

They have four kids that’s not fun,

They’re still in education,

They’re still young,

The police turn up at their door,

Take the kids and she’s left without her sons,

She’s too young.


I represent for the young mums

Small, premature babies in their tums

No one helps them

No one understands

Young mums in a group of gangs


Everyday her name is…

No one stops to help her

They just stand and tut

When they were born the dad ran away

Even though he said he was going to stay


Mum is left to cry

Her social life about to die

Works all night for money

But doesn’t fail to always call her kids ‘honey’


With no cash she always wanted to dash

They only get a one meal a week

Maybe two at a peak


Lost the key to happiness

Society has something to confess…


 By Hannah Ely 8ZBL☺


My verse – by Izzy Smith

I represent for the teenage girls

Missing all three meals

Buying their bags and their pearls

Going out, wearing six inch heels

Inside they`re crying and they`re hurting

On their own cause their mum and dad are working

All they’ve ever known is flirting

Knowing deep inside that they’ve really been let down

In the alleys where there lerking

A voice in their head, a recurring sound

Knowing what its about but not knowing that they want out