Pre-Public Examinations (PPEs)

Dear Parents/Carers,


Further to the Principal’s letter dated 7 January 2021, I write to clarify that the PPEs scheduled to take place in January are mock examinations. As these are not externally-set formal examinations, they will naturally not take place due to the national closure of schools. It is highly likely that mock exams of some kind will take place when schools return to some form of normality and we will communicate plans for any future mock exams in due course. 

I am sure that you will all have heard the announcement that the summer examinations have been cancelled. Grades for students in Year 11 and 13 will be based on teacher assessments and will not involve the use of an algorithm. Last year, performance in mock examinations was an important aspect of teacher assessed grades which were submitted to examination boards.  

The details regarding how grades will be determined this summer has yet to be released and there is much which remains unclear. What is clear, is that it has never been more important for our students to engage fully with their learning and to continue to work hard by completing set tasks to the best of their ability. In doing so our students will both demonstrate their ongoing commitment to their studies and provide their teachers with crucial information regarding performance/improvements in their subjects.

To all students in examination years, I would say that it has never been more important to work hard and engage – do not take your foot off the pedal just because there are no exams in the summer.


Kind Regards


Mr F Rahman

Associate Principal