Prize Giving 31st October 2016

Prizegiving Evening – Stationers’ Hall

Students, Parents/Carers, Governors, Stationers and staff enjoyed a truly memorable evening at Stationers’ Hall on On Monday 31st October at our annual Prizegiving Awards.

Hosted by Sixth Form President Jessica Inaba and with outstanding musical performances by Olivia Hallett and Jordan Wan, certificates of achievement were presented by Heads of School in recognition of students’ hard work and academic achievements across all Key Stages last year.

Wedding Wedding

The Stationers’ Company generously sponsor the Academic Excellence Awards for GCSE, Vocational and KS5 achievements and we were delighted to welcome Mr Michael Murphy back to present some of the Awards.


Upper Warden of The Stationers’ Company, Mr Nick Steidl, presented the James Wilkes Award to Olivia Hallett and congratulated all students on their achievements in his address.


A new Award this year has been introduced – the School Lodge Award.  This is sponsored by The Stationers’ Company Lodge and was presented to Jaymie Brown and Luke Batley by Mr Mote and Mr Facey, alumni of Crown Woods School.

Chair of Governors, Mr Kevin Dewey, closed the evening, reminding the audience that it was not only the invited audience who were proud of their achievements but also, the 900 members of the Stationers’ Company, shared their joy in celebrating students’ successes.  He thanked parents/carers and staff for their hard work and support and looked forward to celebrating future successes.  

Congratulations to all prizewinners:

Stationers’ Company Academic Excellence Awards

Ashdown School GCSE Award – Yasmine Chelali

Delamere School GCSE Award – Presented to a year 11 boy

Sherwood School GCSE Award – Maisie Clegg

Vocational Award – Rabia Karagoz and Blessing Amedu

KS5 Academic Award – Ozan Caglar

The Stationers’ Company James Wilkes Award – Olivia Hallett

The Stationers’ Company’s School Lodge Award – Jaymie Brown and Luke Batley

Certificates of Achievements

Ashdown School:

YR8 – Mannie Morris and Ella Bedford

YR9 – Amelia Gittins and Daniel Sibaveun-Tchounga

YR10 – Melvin Nzeza and Lauren Samwell

YR11 – Samantha Eida and Liem Mao-Tran

Delamere School:

YR8 – Katie Dono and Harry Ottley

YR9 – Katie Rackstraw and Matthew Rogers

YR10 – Oliver Cujic and Jessica Miles

YR11 – Ben Hubbard and Olivia Hallett

Sherwood School:

YR8 – Georgia Peacock and Alexander Wood

YR9 – Talita Fruhling de Castro and Harrison Johnson

YR10 – Tidianna Sequeira and Charles O’Shea

YR11 – Ella Bracken and Callum Brown

William Morris Centre:

Drama – Oliver Cujic

Art – Luiza Bonomally

Music – Natasha Wren

DT – Zainab Alharazim

Photography – Megan Son

2012 Sports:

Louise Butler and Joshua Baker

Symphony Centre:

Cameron Beresford-Allan