Associate Principal, Ms Croft and Deputy Principal, Ms Smith hosted a celebratory breakfast for Ashdown, Sherwood and Delamere students who have received the most commendation awards so far this term.

Sixteen students were invited along to the Academy Cucina Restaurant and tucked in to a delicious full English breakfast of sausage, egg, bacon, sauteed potatoes, beans and tomatoes.  It was so good many requested second and even third helpings!  All students said how much they liked the new rewards system and were congratulated on their achievements so far.


Well done to Ashdown students:  Poppy, Emily, Rhys, Aleksander and Robin; Delamere students:  Jude, Christopher, Jack, Julia and Steven; Sherwood students:  Harry, Luke, Louis, Jason, Amy and Alex.


The Academy Executive Leadership Team are looking forward to hosting the next reward breakfast to celebrate students achieving their Bronze Certificate.  Students need 25 Commendations to be invited – who will be on the guest list?