What is Safeguarding?

At Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy your health, safety and welfare are really important. We respect each other and know that it is important to be happy and safe in school.

Our Safeguarding Team

  • SCWA Designated Safeguard Lead (DSL): Mr J Spark
  • Deputy Designated Safeguard Lead Ashdown School: Mr A Farr
  • Deputy Designated Safeguard Lead Delamere School: Mr S Flower
  • Deputy Designated Safeguard Lead Sherwood School: Mr S Smith
  • Deputy Designated Safeguard Lead Arden School: Ms E Collier
  • Deputy Designated Safeguard Leads Dean School: Mrs E Bartlett
  • Safeguarding Governor: Professor L Drew

Key Documents

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023 SCWA Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Working Together to Safeguard Children

Safeguarding at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy

  • We know what our roles and responsibilities are to keep you safe.
  • We take all allegations, suspicions and concerns seriously and report them properly.
  • We talk to other people about any concerns to develop the best way to help you.
  • We complete risk assessments to ensure that all potential dangers in activities have been identified.
  • We have themed assemblies, lessons and other opportunities where we learn about Safeguarding such as e-safety and anti-bullying.
  • We treat everyone fairly with dignity and respect.
  • All adults will listen to what you have to say with an open mind.
  • Adults will not ask leading questions so that you have to reveal more details.
  • If they are worried about your safety, they might invite another professional to talk to you.
  • Adults never stop us from freely talking or sharing about significant events
  • Adults will make accurate and specific notes of discussions to make sure that all concerns are recorded.
  • Adults will not promise to keep secrets.
  • They will explain that they have a responsibility to report what has been said to someone else if they are worried about your safety.
  • All adults will immediately tell the Safeguarding team if they are worried about your safety.
  • Speak to an adult at school if you are worried about something, it could be a teacher, your form tutor, your SSO, your Head of School, your Deputy Head of School, or one of the Safeguarding team.
  • Be aware that you are not alone and that people will always help you
  • Be aware that there are lots of support services available
  • Email

Sexual Violence and Harassment

Child-on-Child Abuse

Healthy and Respectful Relationships

Safeguarding Websites and Links

Other Useful Safeguarding Websites that are available to staff and parents of Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy.

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