School Council

We are delighted to announce the new School council for Sherwood School. The council will meet with Mr Ball (Head of School) and the Head Boy and Head Girl on a half termly basis to be the voice of the students in the school. The 24 council representatives were democratically selected from each tutor group in the school giving us a full compliment of 6 reps in each year group. The council will meet shortly for the first time to outline their aims and objectives for the year ahead which will include fundraising, lesson feedback and giving an insight to school life through the eyes of a pupil amongst other things.

7DHN Gabriel & Ade
7TMA Leah & Emilie
7YGS Cleo & Aiden
8PBE Dimi & Paris
8AWS Ellie & Ryley
8MED Ellis & Morgan
9FMK Jamie & Ellie
9LRO Reggie & James
9ARE Lauren & Kai
10WHL Adem & Alice
10EHE Ella & Habiba
10LMN Klejdi & Dupe