English as an Additional Language

eal1-w640The role of the EAL department at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is to support pupils joining the Academy with little spoken English.

EAL pupils spend time in the department learning how to speak, read and write in English before integrating into mainstream school. This can be a slow process but we work with each individual pupil deciding what is best for them. Pupils are still able to access our support (after mainstream integration) if and when required; this often involves a Learning Support Assistant joining a lesson to give encouragement and advice.

eal2-w640We want our pupils to feel part of the Academy, however we also want to embrace their own culture, therefore we regularly celebrate festivals, independence days and special events from around the world. Our classroom is filled with cultural displays; we also have a map and photographs of the pupils, showing their place of origin. Recently pupils have brought examples of their home currencies too which has added to our display.

Many of our pupils will be encouraged to take a GCSE in their Heritage Language, in addition to the main curriculum offer.

Pupils are offered support from the day they join us. This support continues through to their exams in Year
11 and often onto Arden School Post 16 courses. Pupils are encouraged to ask for help at any time should they feel they need it.

eal3-w640We are currently involved in a joint working programme with Greenwich University. This provides opportunities for ‘Ambassadors’ from the university to work with our pupils to support their transition to university education.

We are always available for parents and carers, and will endeavour to answer any questions or provide support – please feel free to contact us.