SCWA Latest News Updates | Friday 17th May 2024

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Dear SCWA Community, 

It’s been a jam-packed week at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy, as you will see from the wide-range of stories. Each of these stories highlights the strength of work going on at the academy and link to our core values of scholarship, fellowship and leadership. 

In sporting news, our students have excelled in various sports, showcasing our core values of fellowship and leadership. The Year 7 Netball Team triumphed at the Greenwich Schools Netball Tournament, winning three out of four matches. Their exceptional teamwork and skill were evident on the court. Additionally, KS4 pupils from Dean School displayed remarkable progress during their second rowing session on the River Lea, mastering larger boats and heavier oars, which highlights the development of essential life skills through sports. We also celebrated the individual achievement of Ben, a Year 7 pupil, who excelled at the South East England Regional Gymnastics Championships, securing a 4th place overall and earning medals in vault and high bar routines.

In other news, our Year 10 Health & Social Care students were inspired by a visit from the House of Medics. The session provided invaluable insights into the medical profession, with speakers sharing their professional journeys and the challenges they have faced. This event ignited the students’ aspirations and broadened their horizons, demonstrating the importance of personal growth and the pursuit of scholarship.

As the examination season continues, the focus on scholarship intensifies at SCWA. Year 11 and Year 13 students have shown commendable dedication in their revision sessions and examinations. Detailed warm-up and booster session plans are in place to ensure all pupils are fully prepared for the summer exams. We congratulate all pupils who have completed their examinations this week for their hard work and commitment. 

Here’s to another great week at SCWA!

Joseph Sparks | Principal, Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy

Year 7 Netball Team Triumphs in Greenwich Schools Tournament

On Thursday, 9 May 2024, nine students from Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy participated in the first round of the Greenwich Schools Netball Tournament held at the John Roan Playing Fields in Kidbrooke. Five other schools attended the event, which proved to be a successful event for Team SCWA. Despite the sweltering conditions, the team secured victories in three out of four matches played.

Year 7 Netball Team and Staff Members

Ms Allen, the Team’s Coach, praised the team’s performance, saying, “The team displayed excellent teamwork and strategic execution, implementing the tactics we’ve rehearsed during our training sessions. The girls communicated brilliantly on the court, which led to an incredible three victories.” 

The final scores of the day were:

  • SCWA vs John Roan: 3-0
  • SCWA vs Harris Greenwich: 0-2
  • SCWA vs St Ursula’s: 5-0
  • SCWA vs St Paul’s Academy: 3-0

Inspirational Careers Talk by the House of Medics for Health & Social Care Students

Dr. Emma, founder of the House of Medics, along with three members, recently delivered an inspirational talk to our Year 10 Health and Social Care students at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy. The guest speakers, who included a Doctor of Dermatology, a Children’s Nursing student, a Pharmaceutical Regulatory student, and a Biological Science student skilled in aesthetician practices, shared their professional journeys and the challenges they have faced.

Ms Pritchard, Coordinator of Health & Social Care, said: “The House of Medics, truly captivated our Year 10 students with an interactive and engaging session. The students’ exemplary behaviour and enthusiastic participation showed their deep engagement. They not only absorbed valuable insights but also visibly grew from the experience, enhancing their overall learning journey. This session was a fantastic demonstration of how passion and expertise in healthcare can inspire and motivate our students.”

The House of Medics is excited about the opportunity to return to SCWA in the next academic year and we look forward to welcoming them again in the future.

Dean School’s Pupils Excel in Second Rowing Session

This week, KS4 pupils from the Dean School returned to the River Lea at the Olympic Park for their second rowing session, led by London Youth Rowing. Having trained in school to develop their technique and build stamina, the students effectively applied their skills during this latest water session.

Ms Bartlett, SENCo at Dean School, expressed her enthusiasm about the students’ progress: “The pupils were fantastic, progressing to larger boats with much heavier oars. They also took turns steering, using ropes to control the rudder. It was so lovely to see the students beaming with pride as they returned from the session. They’ve worked hard today, so I suspect they’ll all sleep well tonight!”

The ongoing rowing sessions continue to be a valuable part of the student’s physical education, contributing not only to their physical development but also enhancing their teamwork and leadership skills.

SCWA Student Shines at South East England Regional Gymnastics Championships

Ben, a Year 7 Delamere pupil at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy, achieved remarkable success at the South East England Regional Gymnastics Championships. Competing in the elite under-12 category, Ben excelled across all six disciplines: floor, pommel, vault, rings, parallel bars, and high bar, securing an impressive 4th place overall.

Ben’s exceptional performances earned him a bronze medal in vault and a silver medal in his high bar routine. Furthermore, Ben has now qualified for the British Teams Championships, where he is set to represent the South-East Region.

Mr Sparks, Principal, expressed his pride, stating, “Ben’s accomplishments at the championships showcase his dedication and skill in gymnastics. We are immensely proud to support his journey as he continues to excel in national competitions. We wish him the best in his upcoming events and are eager to see his continued success.”

Year 10 Students Triumph in Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

Last weekend, 38 Year 10 students from Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy participated in a Duke of Edinburgh expedition, demonstrating outstanding resilience and teamwork. Under the guidance of dedicated staff members Mr Soane, Mr Spark, Mr Yeates, Ms Fasan, Ms D’Agostino, and Mr Murphy, the students navigated through challenging terrain and endured hot weather conditions during their walking expedition, which included an overnight camping experience

Mr. Soane, Trip Leader, reflected on the expedition, saying, “Despite encountering unexpected challenges, our students showed exceptional perseverance and support, successfully overcoming each obstacle. The camping component particularly tested their outdoor survival skills and played a crucial role in strengthening the bonds among the group.”

Ms. Collier, Head of Arden, added, “Providing pupils with opportunities like the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award at SCWA is vital for their broader development. It challenges them to step outside their comfort zones and cultivate a range of skills that are essential for life beyond the classroom. This programme not only enhances their problem-solving and teamwork abilities but also builds resilience and self-confidence, which are crucial for their future success.”

Reminder: Summer Examinations SCWA

For detailed information on all scheduled exams, including dates and times, please refer to the complete examination timetable for Summer 2024. Sixth Form (GCE) examinations are highlighted in blue, while Year 11 (GCSE/Vocational) subjects are displayed in white.

This timetable ensures that all students are aware of their examination schedules and can prepare accordingly. We wish all our students the best of luck in their upcoming examinations.

Summer Examinations Timetable 2024

Year 11 Exam Warm-Ups at SCWA

Our Year 11 pupils have made an excellent start to their examinations this week, successfully completing a full week of public examinations. Details of Monday’s sessions can be found below; further details regarding the schedule for the remainder and modules five and six will be shared with pupils and parents/carers shortly. 

Schedule for Monday, 20 May 2024

Morning Warm-Up (07:45-08:30):

  • GCSE English Literature: All pupils will begin with an early session in Ashdown at 07:45 before starting their examination at 09:00

Period 3:Following their examination:

  • GCSE Media Studies: Mr Kenny will conduct a Media Studies warm-up session.
  • Core PE: Pupils normally scheduled for Core PE during this time will have supervised study with Ms Blayney in SH001.
  • Other Subjects: All other pupils will attend their normal Period 3 lessons.

Periods 4 & 5:

  • Regular Classes: All pupils will be in their scheduled lessons during Periods 4 and 5.

After-School Booster Sessions (15:15-16:15):

  • GCSE Economics: With Ms Francis in AR207.
  • GCSE Computer Science: With Mr Roche and Ms Panicker in AR202.
  • GCSE Sociology: With Ms Murphy in AR104.

Year 11 Saturday Revision Sessions at SCWA 

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is pleased to offer dedicated Saturday revision sessions for Year 11 pupils, designed to enhance their preparation for upcoming examinations. The sessions take place this Saturday are:

Morning Sessions: 09:00-11:00

  • Computer Science: Located in AR202 with Mr Roche
  • English: Located in Ashdown with Ms Trute, Ms Collier, Ms Paquette, Ms Nidai, Mr Hill and Ms Efford
  • Maths (Higher Tier): Located in Sherwood with Ms Ogunbameru and Ms Hunt

Pupils will be able to access the site via the service road on Saturdays. While this opportunity will be communicated in school, we encourage parents and carers to support their children’s attendance. These sessions are a vital part of our commitment to helping pupils achieve their best in their forthcoming exams.

Year 13 Exam Warm-Ups at SCWA

As we continue with the Year 13 examinations, we want to remind students of the importance of participating in the scheduled warm-up sessions prior to each exam. These sessions are crucial for reinforcing your preparation and are highly recommended for all students.

During these sessions, you will receive vital tips and reminders, have the opportunity to review key exam content and materials, and ask any final questions you might have. These are tailored to ensure you enter your examinations feeling prepared and confident.

The timetable for these warm-up sessions is available here. We encourage all students to take full advantage of these sessions to optimise their exam performance.

Reminder: Year 10 Parents’ Evening at SCWA

We would like to remind parents and carers that the Year 10 Parents’ Evening is scheduled for Thursday, 13 June 2024, from 16:00 to 19:00. This face-to-face event provides an excellent opportunity to discuss your child’s academic progress directly with their teachers.

The appointment booking system opened at 17:00 on Tuesday, 14 May 2024, and will remain available until 12:00 on Wednesday, 12 June 2024. To ensure equitable access, each child is limited to a maximum of eight appointments. We encourage parents and carers to book early to secure their preferred meeting times.

Appointments can be made through the academy’s designated booking site. Detailed instructions are available here. For assistance or additional information, please contact Ms Amandeep Kalote at We look forward to engaging with you about your child’s progress and development.

Reminder: Year 13 Graduation at SCWA

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy invites the parents and carers of our Year 13 students to the Year 13 Graduation ceremony, a formal event to celebrate the achievements of our graduating class. The graduation is scheduled to take place on Friday, 24 May 2024, from 17:30 to 19:30, in the Main Hall of the Crown building.

To assist in our preparations and ensure we accommodate all attendees, we ask that parents and carers of Year 13 students confirm their attendance by Monday, 29 April 2024. A contribution of £10 per family ticket is requested to help cover the costs associated with the evening. Attendees are asked to dress formally for this special occasion. For detailed information and to confirm your attendance, please refer to the attached letter, which includes all necessary links.

Knowledge Acquisition Reports Update

This week, parents will be receiving the results from the recent Knowledge Acquisition assessments conducted at our school. These results provide valuable data on student performance and understanding in their respective subjects.

During the interim period, our staff have carefully reviewed the assessment outcomes and have implemented targeted interventions to further support and enhance student subject knowledge.

Mr Kay, Assistant Principal, said, “We appreciate your continued support throughout the term and are committed to using this data to enhance our educational strategies and ensure the success of every student. Thank you for your engagement and partnership in this process.”

Revision Corner: Strategies for Enhancing Study Efficiency and Memory Retention

As the examinations for Years 11 and 13 are underway, Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy continues to provide revision hints and tips to support our students in their ongoing preparation efforts. Below are some strategies to improve study sessions and memory retention:

Effective Time Management: Encourage your child to develop good time management skills by helping them create a structured study schedule, prioritise tasks, and set realistic goals. Breaking down their revision into manageable chunks and allocating specific times for each subject or topic can significantly improve their focus and productivity.

Peer Teaching: Teaching concepts to peers, siblings, or family members is a highly effective method for reinforcing learning. It involves active retrieval of information, which deepens understanding and enhances memory retention by verbalising and explaining key concepts.

Boosting Memory Retention: Research indicates that while memory retention is 100% at the time of learning, it can drop to 60% just three days later. Encourage daily revision to combat the natural forgetting curve. Revisiting and repeating information within 24 hours of initial learning is crucial as it significantly slows down memory decay. This practice helps cement the information more securely in the student’s memory.

Tools for Active Recall: Utilise flashcards to enhance active recall. These can be used to quiz students on key concepts, definitions, or facts, making learning more engaging and interactive. For those unable to use physical flashcards, online resources such as Brainscape, Cram, and Quizlet provide digital alternatives that offer the convenience of studying anywhere and access to a broad range of study materials.

By incorporating these strategies, students can optimise their revision time and improve their information retention, setting the stage for success in their ongoing exams.