SCWA Latest News Updates | Friday, 2 February 2024

Photo of SCWA Building

Dear SCWA Community,

As we enter the final week of module three, I’d like to inform parents and carers about updates within our Delamere Team. We express our sincere thanks to Ms Barrowcliff for her exceptional service to the team and are delighted to welcome Ms Efford. Her expertise and enthusiasm for teaching are set to enhance our academy further. 

This week, our Year 13 Parents’ Evening showcased our dedication to academic achievement and leadership. The proactive involvement of our Year 12 and Year 13 students in the Greenwich Apprenticeship Summit signals our ambition for their future success. Furthermore, the TfL workshop offered to Year 8 students demonstrates our commitment to cultivating a community of respectful and safety-conscious individuals.

These activities underscore our united effort to foster an environment that promotes educational excellence and individual development. We are grateful for your ongoing support and participation.

Here’s to another successful week at SCWA.

Best wishes,
Joseph Sparks | Principal, Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy

INSET Day Reminder for Friday, 9 February 2024

Please note that Friday, 9 February 2024, is designated as an INSET day at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy. The academy will be closed to all students, allowing our staff to dedicate the day to professional development activities.

Delamere Team Updates

As we welcome new developments within the Delamere team at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy, we are excited to share some important updates with our community.

Thank You to Ms Barrowcliff

Ms Barrowcliff, who has been an integral part of the Delamere team since joining the Academy, will be transitioning to a new role within our school. This move means she will be stepping away from the Delamere Team. We wish to extend our gratitude to Ms Barrowcliff for her unwavering dedication and significant contributions in supporting our pupils, parents, and staff. Her commitment to creating a nurturing and inclusive environment has left a lasting impact on our school community. Ms Barrowcliff’s efforts, kindness, and expertise have greatly enriched the educational experiences of everyone involved. We are immensely thankful for her passion for education and her consistent efforts to exceed expectations. Thank you, Ms Barrowcliff, for being an essential part of our journey towards excellence.

Welcoming Ms Efford

We are thrilled to announce that Ms Efford will be joining the Delamere team, taking over the responsibilities of Ms Barrowcliff. As the new Assistant Head of College leader for Years 7 and 9, Ms Efford brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to our team. Having been a part of the Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy family for several years and with her extensive background in teaching and leading English, Ms Efford is well-prepared to contribute to our community. In her own words: “I am delighted to be joining the Delamere Team as an Assistant Principal after recently returning from maternity leave. Living in the local community and having grown up in Eltham, I feel a strong connection to our school. My experience across different small schools within our Academy positions me well to support our students in Years 7 and 9. I look forward to building strong relationships with students, parents, and carers.”

Year 13 Parents’ Evening Success

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is pleased to report the successful conclusion of the Year 13 Parents’ Evening, which took place on Thursday, 1 February 2024. Over 85% of our parents/carers attended the evening, focusing on reviewing the academic progress of our Year 13 students.

The evening was marked by in-depth discussions between parents and teachers, where assessment reports were examined, and parents received tailored advice to further support their children. Assistant Principal Ms Kalote reflected on the evening’s success, stating, “I extend my gratitude to all the parents who actively participated in the parents’ evening. Your unwavering support and engagement in your child’s academic journey make a significant impact on their growth and success.”

Year 12 and 13 to Attend Greenwich Apprenticeship Summit

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is pleased to announce that our Year 12 and Year 13 students will participate in the upcoming Greenwich Apprenticeship Summit. This significant event, organised by the Royal Borough of Greenwich in partnership with London South East Colleges and Visit Greenwich, is a key part of National Apprenticeship Week, running from 5 to 11 February 2024.

The summit is dedicated to showcasing the value of apprenticeships and offers a unique opportunity for students to dive deep into the world of apprenticeships. Students are encouraged to prepare their questions related to apprenticeships and seize the chance to discover the array of opportunities available within the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

Ms Collier, Head of Arden, stated, “Our attendees are set to benefit greatly from this event. They’ll enjoy engaging presentations, listen to motivational stories from current apprentices, and have the unique opportunity to take part in a market stall fair. This fair will serve as an excellent platform for them to network with potential employers and training providers, enabling them to gather the crucial tips and advice they need to embark on their career paths through apprenticeships.”

Year 8 TfL Workshop on Safe and Respectful Travel

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is set to host an assembly and workshop for Year 8 students on Tuesday, 6 February 2024, during their Personal Development lesson. Representatives from Transport for London (TfL) will lead the session, focusing on key aspects of public transport etiquette and safety. The workshop will cover important topics such as travelling safely on public transport, showing respect to fellow passengers, the significance of being an active bystander, and the appropriate ways to seek help when necessary. Additionally, the session will address low-level Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) on public transport and strategies to avoid it.

This initiative underscores the importance of understanding the impact of our actions and the collective responsibility we hold within the community. It aims to equip our young people with the knowledge and skills to navigate public spaces safely and respectfully.

SCWA Sporting Updates

The PE department had an outstanding week in the week just gone. On Monday, 22 February 2024, we dominated the LAT Year 9 and 10 Girls 5-aside tournament, winning every game and securing a 5-0 victory in the final against Leigh Academy. Tuesday, 23 February 2024 brought another success at the same tournament for Years 9 and 10 Boys, where we won every game but narrowly lost the final 4-2 on penalties to Hundred of Hoo. Our second Tuesday fixture, the Years 10 and 11 girls Semi-Final in the Blackheath cup against St Mary’s Magdalene, was a closely contested match resulting in a 4-3 loss, leading to our exit from the cup. Wednesday, 24 February 2024 featured crucial Quarter-finals in the Blackheath cup, with the Year 7 Girls defeating Sedgehill 10-0 and the Year 8 and 9 Girls securing a stylish 7-1 win against Prendergast Hilly Fields. On Thursday, 25 February 2024, the Year 10 Boys earned a place in the Blackheath cup final with a commanding 6-1 victory over St Dunstan’s School. Saturday, 27 February marked a historic moment for our school, as our U12 Girls reached the Kent Cup final with a hard-fought 3-2 win in the Semi-Final. This achievement marked our first-ever final appearance in the Kent Cup for any team, capping off a fantastic week for our students and the PE department. We now look forward to all of the upcoming fixtures for all students still in cups!