SCWA Latest News Updates | Friday, 24th November 2023

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Dear SCWA Community, 

As the Winter Mock Examination Series draws near, our students are busy preparing for their examinations and demonstrating scholarly values. Their strong attendance at after-school intervention sessions is a clear indication of their dedication to achieving success.

The Year 13 visit to the Sherlock Holmes Museum and the Year 9 workshop with the Little Fish Theatre Company have been notable highlights. These experiences have taken learning beyond the classroom, deepening our students’ understanding of both literature and critical social issues, thereby fostering both academic and personal growth. Furthermore, the completion of the second series of knowledge acquisition assessments across all year groups marks an important achievement. This not only assesses our students’ grasp of their subjects but also provides an opportunity to celebrate their academic progress, reinforcing our academy’s spirit of community and shared achievement.

Each of these activities contributes to the rich educational environment at SCWA, where leadership, scholarly pursuit, and supportive community are paramount.

Warm regards,

Joseph Sparks | Principal, Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy

Reminder: Academy Closure for INSET Day on 27 November 2023

A reminder to all parents and carers: Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy will be closed on Monday, 27 November 2023, for an INSET day. For your convenience, a complete list of the academy’s term dates for the 2023/24 academic year is available here

SCWA Winter Mock Examination Series

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is set to commence its winter mock examination period from Monday, 4 December 2023. These mocks are a crucial part of the students’ academic journey, providing an invaluable opportunity for Year 11 and Year 13 pupils to apply their knowledge and skills in a simulated examination environment. This experience is vital in preparing them for the actual examinations, ensuring they are familiar with the JCQ examination regulations.

The feedback from these mock exams will be instrumental in identifying areas where students need to concentrate their revision efforts. It also gives teachers a clear understanding of where individual students may require additional support to achieve their full potential. The academy acknowledges the efforts of many pupils who are already participating in intervention sessions and engaging in home revision. Revision tips and advice were also shared during the recent Year 11 parent event, and the presentation slides are available for reference.

Physical copies of the mock examination timetables have been distributed to all Year 11 and Year 13 students. Parents can access a personal copy of their child’s timetable via MCAS, and an overview of the entire timetable is available online. For any exam-related queries, the exams team can be contacted at

Additionally, SCWA is offering support through after-school revision sessions and morning warm-ups starting at 7:45 am for most subjects. Details of these sessions will be communicated in lessons. The Academy anticipates strong participation in these sessions and extends best wishes to all students for their mock examinations.

Year 13 Explores the World of Sherlock Holmes

The Sherlock Holmes Museum store front

On Monday, 20 November 2023, Year 13 A-level English Literature students from Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy visited the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London as part of their studies. This trip provided an opportunity for students to learn more about one of literature’s most famous detectives.

The visit included a talk focusing on the creation of Sherlock Holmes and the life of author Arthur Conan Doyle. The students also learned about London in the late Victorian period, which is significant to the context of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

The museum visit allowed the students to gain a better understanding of the historical and literary background relevant to their A-level English Literature course. Ms Webb, the A-Level English Teacher, commented on the visit, saying, “The trip to the Sherlock Holmes Museum was an excellent experience for our students. They demonstrated great maturity and engagement with the subject matter. The visit has greatly contributed to their understanding of the literary and historical context surrounding Sherlock Holmes, which is essential for their course. It was a valuable learning opportunity that they thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from.”

SCWA Year 9s Tackle Important Topics with Theatre Workshop

Year 9 students at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy recently attended a workshop by the Little Fish Theatre Company, integrated into their PSHE lesson. The workshop, titled “Cancelled”, addressed crucial topics such as sexual assault, the legality of sharing explicit images, and social media’s impacts.

The session combined a live theatre production with a workshop format, prompting active student participation in discussions and a Q&A session. The feedback from the students was overwhelmingly positive, particularly noting the live production’s role in enhancing their learning.

Ms Collier, Vice Principal, remarked on the workshop’s value, stating, “The Little Fish Theatre Company workshop provided our Year 9 students with a critical understanding of important issues. The interactive format was particularly effective in engaging them, fostering a deeper comprehension that is vital for their personal and educational growth.”

SCWA Students Complete Second Series of Knowledge Acquisition Assessments

This week marked the completion of the second series of knowledge acquisition assessments for all year groups at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy. The assessments, comprising multiple-choice questions, were designed to evaluate students’ understanding of the material in their knowledge acquisition booklets, a crucial component of the academy’s approach to homework.

After the assessments, the academy is set to recognise student accomplishments in upcoming assemblies, planning to present awards in recognition of their academic achievements.

For students who were unable to attend the assessments, catch-up sessions will be available during tutor time next week. Those who were absent due to illness will also have the opportunity to complete their assessments at home, ensuring that all students have a chance to participate. This provision allows the academy to generate comprehensive reports on student performance, which will be available to parents and carers by the end of next week. Parents can expect to receive these assessment reports by Friday, 1 December 2023, which will be accessible through the MCAS system.

Year 9 Parents’ Evening at SCWA

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is set to host the Year 9 Parents’ Evening on Thursday, 30 November 2023, from 16:00 to 19:00. This face-to-face event provides a platform for parents and carers to discuss their child’s academic progress with teachers. The booking system for appointments is now live as of 12:00 pm on Friday, 10 November 2023, and will remain available until 12:00 pm on the day of the event. These discussions are a crucial part of the academy’s approach to individualised student development, focusing on achievements and areas for growth.

Parents and carers are encouraged to book early to secure their preferred times. Appointments can be made by visiting the academy’s designated booking site. Detailed instructions and a guide for booking are available on the school’s website. For any assistance or further information about the Parents’ Evening, Ms Amandeep Kalote can be contacted directly via email (