SCWA Latest News Updates | Friday 8th March 2024

Photo of SCWA Building

Dear SCWA Community, 

Reflecting on this week at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy fills me with immense pride for both the achievements and the forthcoming opportunities available to our students. The end of the mock exam period marks a pivotal moment for our Year 11 and 13 students, showcasing their outstanding behaviour and dedication amidst these challenging times, truly embodying our core values. Looking ahead, I strongly encourage every student to participate in the upcoming intervention and revision sessions, to ensure they are thoroughly prepared for their summer exams.

The announcements of the Year 11 Prom and the Easter Revision Workshops stand out as highlights, providing both occasions for celebration and additional academic support. These, along with the fascinating Animal Workshop during British Science Week and the motivational assembly presented by the Mark Evison Foundation, demonstrate our dedication to fostering a strong sense of community and fellowship at SCWA. Finally, our yearly dance production, “Chasing the Sky,” showcases our students’ creativity and teamwork, underscoring the leadership abilities and sense of collaboration we highly cherish.

I would like to extend my gratitude to our teachers, parents, and carers for their ongoing support and encouragement.

Best wishes,
Joseph Sparks | Principal, Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy

Mock Exam Period Concludes with Praise for Year 11 and 13 Students’ Conduct

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy extends its gratitude to Year 11 and 13 pupils for their exemplary conduct throughout the mock examination period. The positive attitude and dedication displayed by the students have been commendable. Currently, our teachers are in the process of marking and moderating the examination papers. This process ensures that our pupils receive detailed and constructive feedback, crucial for their revision planning before the summer examinations.

We strongly encourage all pupils to attend and actively participate in the intervention and revision sessions, scheduled to start on Monday, 11 March 2024. These sessions are designed to support pupils in addressing areas of improvement and to enhance their preparedness for the upcoming exams.

Finally, we would like to inform parents and carers that the results of the mock examinations will be communicated via MCAS by Wednesday, 20 March 2024. 

Year 11 Prom Set for Tuesday, 25 June 2024

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is pleased to announce that the Year 11 Prom will take place on Tuesday, 25 June 2024, at the Bexleyheath Marriott. The decision to return to this venue follows the outstanding success of last year’s prom, which was celebrated for its excellent facilities and ambience.

Please note that due to the venue’s limited capacity, entry criteria will be established to ensure a memorable and organised event for all attendees. The specifics of these criteria and additional details regarding the prom will be announced in the coming weeks. We are committed to creating another unforgettable evening for our Year 11 students and look forward to sharing more information soon.

Easter Revision Workshops for Year 11 Students

The academy will host Easter Revision Workshops from Monday, 8  to Friday, 12 April 2024, aiming to enhance students’ understanding of key subjects, refine their exam techniques, and provide practice with past papers.

The workshops are planned to cover a variety of key subjects and are an essential part of the academy’s commitment to ensuring students are well-prepared for their final exams. Year 11 students are encouraged to take full advantage of this opportunity to bolster their exam preparation efforts. A link to the Easter Revision Workshops can be found here.

Animal Workshop During British Science Week at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is set to host an Animal Workshop on Thursday, 14 and Friday, 15 March 2024, in conjunction with British Science Week. The event, organised by Mr Elboury from the Science department, will feature a range of animals, including tortoises, a skink, various snakes, and a Burmese python. The workshop aims to educate students on animal adaptations, behaviour, life cycles, career opportunities, and educational pathways in animal science. It will provide students with hands-on experiences with animals, enhancing their understanding of biological sciences and promoting awareness of animal welfare and conservation.

SCWA Presents Annual Dance Production “Chasing the Sky”

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is proud to announce its annual dance production, “Chasing the Sky,” scheduled for Wednesday, 13 and Thursday, 14 March 2024. This event will feature over 500 students from seven local primary schools, brought together under the guidance of SCWA dance leaders. Since October 2023, these leaders have dedicated their efforts to training and preparing the students for this showcase.

“Chasing the Sky” is more than just a dance production; it is a celebration of student talent, creativity, and expression through the art of dance. The show will feature a diverse range of choreography and themes, highlighting the skills and passion of students across various years and abilities.

New Knowledge Booklets on Google Classroom

Starting Monday, 11 March 2024, Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy will release new Knowledge Booklets on Google Classroom, tailored to each student’s year group. These booklets are designed to guide students in completing their homework effectively, offering structure and clarity in their learning process.

Significant changes have been made to the booklet’s structure, notably for Key Stage 3 students, where the focus has shifted from thirteen subjects to seven Ebacc subjects. This adjustment aims to streamline the learning process, with added emphasis on SparxMaths and SparxReader to enhance foundational skills in mathematics and reading.

For Year 10 students, the booklets will now include subject-specific guidance, highlighting key vocabulary and providing updates on termly homework. This change is intended to support students in deepening their understanding of each subject, aiding in their academic development and preparation for examinations.

Weekly Sports Fixtures at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy

Our Year 7 Girls Football Team is set to compete in the Kent Cup Final, facing Simon Langton Grammar School. The final is planned for Saturday, 9 March 2024, with a 17:00 kick-off at Herne Bay Football Club. Our Year 7 girls have demonstrated exceptional skill and teamwork on their journey to the final, securing victories against Darrick Wood and Newstead Wood. The aim is to win the Kent Cup and bring it back to Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy.

National Careers Week at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy participated in National Careers Week from Monday, 4 to Friday, 8 March 2024, engaging students across all Key Stages and subjects. The objective of the week was to introduce students to a wide range of career paths and futures linked to their current studies.

Throughout the week, students explored careers such as Film Producers, Commercial Photographers, Forensic Scientists, Microbiologists, Barristers, Software Developers, Stock Brokers, and Volcanologists. This initiative aimed to broaden students’ awareness of the diverse career possibilities available to them beyond the traditional roles they might already be familiar with. The feedback from both teachers and students was positive, highlighting the educational value and the impact of learning about various job opportunities. 

Year 12 Assembly Featuring the Mark Evison Foundation

On Friday, 8 March 2024, Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy held a special assembly for Year 12 students with the Mark Evison Foundation. Established after Lt. Mark Evison’s death in Helmand, Afghanistan, in 2009, this charity aims to inspire personal growth and challenge among young people. It promotes resilience, teamwork, and confidence, reflecting the values that Mark Evison lived by.

“Mark Evison’s charisma and commitment to personal challenges profoundly inspired our students. The assembly served as a poignant reminder of his enduring legacy, motivating our young individuals to push beyond their limits and embrace challenges for their personal development,” stated Ms Collier, Head of Arden.

Following the assembly, students were offered the chance to sign up for two follow-up sessions with the charity. These sessions are designed to provide additional personal support, guiding students in their journey of self-improvement and growth. This event was a meaningful opportunity for our students to engage with the legacy of Lt. Mark Evison and to consider their potential for personal development and resilience.

GCSE English Literature Revision Resource for Year 11 Students

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy is committed to supporting Year 11 students in their preparation for the GCSE English Literature exams. To aid in this endeavour, we are providing a Literature revision resource that focuses on important quotations from the texts studied throughout the course. This resource includes a selection of key quotations from each of the four texts covered, which are essential for success in the Literature exams. These quotations have been chosen for their relevance and potential to be examined, offering students the opportunity to deepen their understanding and analysis of the texts.

“Parents and carers play a crucial role in this process, and we strongly encourage them to support their children in learning and analysing these key quotations at home,” stated Ms Trute, Director of English. “Engaging with these materials together can significantly enhance students’ familiarity with the texts and their ability to write insightful responses in the exam.”

For students seeking further revision strategies or support, please contact Helen Trute at Ms Trute is available to provide additional guidance and resources to ensure students are well-prepared and confident for their upcoming exams.