SCWA Latest News Updates | Friday, 08 September 2023

Photo of SCWA Building

Dear SCWA Community,

This week has been a vibrant display of scholarship, fellowship, and leadership at our academy.

Our scholars, Conor and Platon, have set a high bar of academic excellence at the “Great in Greenwich” awards, showcasing the remarkable results of hard work and dedication.

We are fostering fellowship through our upcoming Year 6 Open Events, where we look forward to welcoming potential families to witness our community’s warm and collaborative spirit.

In another act of fellowship and working together, our Year 7 students came together in harmony in our newly formed choirs, ready to lead in creativity and collaboration. Let us continue to nurture these values, guiding our students to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Best wishes,

Joseph Sparks | Principal, Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy

SCWA Celebrates at the “Great in Greenwich” Awards

Stage at 'Greatness in Greenwich' event
3 LAT Principals, Ben Russell (The Halley Academy), Emma Smith (Leigh Academy Blackheath) and Joseph Sparks (SCWA) with 6 students
SCWA staff members stood with GCSE and Post-16 award winners from SCWA
Connor, an ex Year 13 student stood with his award certificate and a prize giver
Platon, a new Year 12 student stood with his award certificate and a prize giver

In a celebration of academic excellence, two pupils from Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy (SCWA) were celebrated at the “Great in Greenwich” Awards evening. The event, which recognises outstanding achievements in GCSE and A-Level examinations, was a golden opportunity for the students and their families to come together and celebrate their hard work and dedication.

Conor, a Year 13 student, secured A* grades in accounting, business studies, and economics, and an A in mathematics. His remarkable achievements have paved the way for a bright future; Conor has secured a place at the University of Warwick, where he will pursue a degree in accounting and finance.

Joining him in the spotlight was Platon, who achieved Grade 9s in every single subject in his GCSEs. Platon is continuing his journey at SCWA in the Arden Sixth Form, studying A-Levels in maths, further maths, and computer science.

Mr Sparks, the Principal of SCWA, spoke about Conor and Platon’s achievements. He said, “It is a monumental achievement and a testament to their hard work. We are incredibly proud of Conor and Platon, who have excelled academically and been exemplary members of the SCWA community.”

Year 6 Open Events

Next week is the start of our Year 6 Open Events at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy (SCWA), where prospective parents and students can get a glimpse of what our academy offers. 

The Open Evening will take place on Monday, 11 September 2023, from 16:00-19:00, with the Principal delivering speeches at 16:15, 17:15 and 18:15. We have also arranged Open Mornings on Tuesday, 3 October 2023 and Thursday, 5 October 2023, running from 09:00-11:00, featuring a Principal’s address at 09:15.

A selected group of our current students will be assisting during these events, helping to provide insights into the SCWA experience. Parents and carers of these student ambassadors have been contacted with individual consent letters. 

Assistant Principal Ms Kalote looks forward to welcoming prospective families, noting, “We are eager to showcase what makes SCWA a great choice for students, and we appreciate the support of our student ambassadors in this endeavour. We warmly invite you to these events to discover the vibrant community and rich learning environment that SCWA offers.”

Year 7 Choirs Embark on a Musical ‘Journey’ & Opportunities to Learn a Musical Instrument

Year 7 Tutor Time Choir

This week marked the exciting launch of the Year 7 Tutor Time Choirs at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy. The Music Team, led by Mr Yeates, Director of Performing Arts, welcomed all Year 7 pupils to partake in a choir rehearsal during their tutor time. The young vocalists have begun rehearsing Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ and are already gearing up for their first performance. Mr Yeates expressed his excitement and anticipation, noting, “The energy and passion for music at SCWA is incredible. I look forward to rehearsing with our Year 7s every week and showcasing their work in the near future.”

The Year 7 choir rehearsals will continue next week, following a structured schedule to ensure every pupil gets an opportunity to take part. The schedule is as follows:

  • Tuesday: Delamere pupils
  • Wednesday: Sherwood pupils
  • Thursday: Ashdown pupils

Learning a Musical Instrument

In addition to the choir, SCWA is offering students the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. Should your child wish to learn a musical instrument, we invite you to complete this form. A member of the music team will be in touch to provide more details and facilitate the next steps in your child’s musical education.

Join the MyChildAtSchool (MCAS) Portal for Seamless Communication

As we enhance our communication strategy, we are encouraging all parents and carers, especially those with children who have just joined Year 7, to download and use the MyChildAtSchool (MCAS) portal. This platform will be our primary channel for electronic communication, offering real-time updates on your child’s academic journey and important school announcements.

Why Join the Majority in Using MCAS?

A significant number of our parents and carers are already actively using the MCAS app, benefiting from the streamlined communication it offers.

Getting Started:

  • Download: Find the app on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store or access it through a web browser.
  • Setup: Use the invitation code sent to your email along with your username to ‘redeem invitation code’. If you haven’t received or need the code again, please contact
  • Stay Informed: Enable notifications to receive urgent and important updates promptly.

We urge all new parents and carers, particularly those with children in Year 7, to download the app and stay connected with the SCWA community. For assistance and detailed guidance, refer to the parent guide or contact us at

Introducing Knowledge Acquisition Homework

This week, we introduced our pupils to the knowledge acquisition booklets, a tool designed to reinforce the essential knowledge they acquire in class. The booklets encompass all the subjects the students are currently studying, listing the key knowledge points they need to focus on throughout this module.

Pupils have been introduced to the ‘Look, Cover, Write, Repeat’ technique during their assemblies, a method designed to help them master the core concepts outlined in the booklets both during tutor time and at home. Mr Kay, Assistant Principal, emphasises the effectiveness of this strategy, stating, “This is a tried and tested strategy to help students recall key knowledge. As outlined in our assemblies this week, each booklet contains a suggested timetable for pupils to follow. We advise engaging in short blocks of independent learning at home. Three twenty-minute sessions are much more beneficial than cramming all the information during the weekend.”

The booklets are accessible on Google Classroom in the relevant year group class (e.g. ‘SCWA Year [7-13] 2023/24’). To monitor understanding and retention of the key concepts, a Knowledge Acquisition Assessment will be conducted in the third week of every module. Following this, parents and carers will receive a report on their child’s performance by the fourth week, providing insights into their grasp of the fundamental concepts.