SCWA Latest News Updates | Module 6 Week 4

Dear SCWA Community,

What an exciting week it has been at SCWA! Our values of scholarship, fellowship, and leadership have come to life through various activities.

Our innovative Digital Media Centre continues to provide an exciting hub for our students to sharpen their digital skills, demonstrating our commitment to scholarship. We were thrilled to showcase a showreel of work, underlining the creativity and dedication of our students (see below). Fellowship was on display at the Year 11 Prom. It was a pleasure to see our students enjoying themselves, and we look forward to celebrating their academic achievements on GCSE results day. 

Leadership is an essential element of our ethos and one we aim to instil in our students through various upcoming events. For example, the Arden Sixth Form Taster Event, the participation of our Year 10 students in the University of Greenwich’s Greenwich Maths Time event, and the opportunity to explore the new T-Levels are all testament to this.

Finally, our maths photo competition and the achievement of Ellis (Year 8) in the Club100 National Racing Championship exhibit the wide range of talents within our student body and their commitment to excellence.

Best wishes,
Joseph Sparks | Principal, Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy

Creative Learning at the Digital Media Centre

Situated in the William Morris building, the Digital Media Centre (DMC) is an innovative hub where students acquire vital digital skills. We are delighted to spotlight a showreel crafted by Joe Yates, our Media Technician. You can view the impressive DMC Showreel below.

Lucy Marsh, Assistant Principal, said, “This film underlines the positive experiences students have been enjoying at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy. A unique aspect of the Academy’s academic culture is its partnership with The Stationers’ Foundation. This alliance has been pivotal in equipping our students with cutting-edge digital tools and fostering a conducive learning environment in the Digital Media Centre. Through this showreel, you will witness the dynamic digital arena our students inhabit. From budding filmmakers to aspiring digital designers, the centre has opened opportunities for students to explore, innovate, and excel.”

Celebrating a Memorable Year 11 Prom

We are thrilled to share snapshots from the Year 11 Prom that took place on Wednesday evening. Event Organiser, Lucy Marsh, said: “Our students dazzled us with their style, putting their best foot forward for an evening of celebration.”

An area in the year 11 prom with 2023 lights
Two students in front of a backdrop posing during their Year 11 prom
A sign welcoming people to the SCWA Year 11 prom
A group of students in front of a backdrop posing during their Year 11 prom

The evening was filled with joy and laughter as students, and some teachers danced the night away. We would like to extend our heartfelt wishes for a happy and safe summer to all our students. We eagerly welcome them back on GCSE results day and look forward to celebrating their academic achievements. Daniella Petkoff Photography captured pictures of the night. We will shortly provide further information on how Year 11 parents and carers can purchase any photos they like.

Arden Sixth Form Taster Event

We are busy preparing to welcome prospective Year 12 students to our Arden Taster Event on Thursday, 29 and Friday, 30 June 2023. This event is an excellent opportunity for students to get a hands-on experience of the subjects they’re considering for the year ahead. Students will also get a taste of life at Arden and explore the fantastic opportunities. Students can refer to the Arden dress code (found here) to arrive fully prepared. We kindly request that students arrive and sign in at 08:15 in the Crown Building on Thursday, 29 June 2023, for a welcome assembly in the Main Hall. This assembly will officially kick off the two-day immersive event.

All students will be provided with lunch on both days in the school restaurant. The sessions will conclude at 2.45 pm on both days. We look forward to meeting our potential future students and helping them make informed choices about their A-Level subjects and future academic journeys.

Year 10 Students to Experience Maths Beyond the Classroom

We are delighted to announce that several of our talented Year 10 students will be participating in the University of Greenwich’s annual event, Greenwich Maths Time. Taking place on Tuesday, 4 July 2023, this enriching day-long event is supported by the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme and the Institute of Mathematics.

Hosted at the University’s historic campus in the Old Royal Naval College, our students will immerse themselves in an array of workshops and drop-in sessions, diving deep into the world of mathematics. Hayder Khan, Assistant Principal, expressed his enthusiasm about the event, stating, “Greenwich Maths Time will offer our students the opportunity to appreciate the practical applications of maths in everyday life. We hope this will inspire them to consider further mathematical studies post-16, perhaps at our Arden Sixth Form Centre, and appreciate the diverse nature of maths and its practitioners.”

Celebrate Maths Week London with Our Photo Competition

As part of the festivities of Maths Week London, our maths department is thrilled to announce a Photo Competition for all our students. This year’s theme: “Maths is all around us,” invites students to spot and capture the mathematics present in everyday life using a camera or their mobile device.

Students can send their entries to, with the email subject “Photo Competition 2023”. We encourage everyone to showcase the beauty of mathematics through their unique lens. The competition runs from 26  June to 7 July 2023, so there’s plenty of time to explore and photograph those mathematical moments!

The winners will be awarded Amazon gift vouchers worth up to £50, sponsored this year by 

Ms A. Ogunbameru, our Director of Learning (Maths), stated, “This competition allows our students to appreciate the intersections of maths and art in numerous ways. Mathematics, in essence, is an art form inspired by beauty.” We eagerly await the entries and are excited to see our students’ perspectives of mathematics in the world around them.

T-Level Business Breakfast Fuels Discussions on New Technical Qualifications

Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy (SCWA) hosted the second T-Level Business Breakfast at Stationers’ Hall on Friday, 16 June 2023. The event aimed to provide information to organisations interested in the new Technical Qualifications introduced by the government. Special focus was on the two T-Levels that Arden Sixth Form is thrilled to launch in September 2023:

  1. Digital Production, Design, and Development
  2. Investment Banking and Asset and Wealth Management Analyst

T-Levels are an alternative to A-Levels, apprenticeships, and other 16 to 19 courses. Equated to three A-Levels, T-Levels place significant emphasis on vocational skills to aid students in securing skilled employment, pursuing higher studies, or undertaking apprenticeships. The courses require students to complete at least 45 days of industry placement. Toby Adams, Head of T-Levels, and Andrew Hambelton, Stakeholder Engagement Manager at Pearson, led the informative session. Attendees had the chance to understand the benefits of supporting T-Level students and how they could contribute to nurturing new talent in their workforces.

Working in tandem with T-Level students not only benefits the students themselves but it also advantages the businesses and the larger society. These courses are specially designed to address national skills shortages.

We’re excited to host our third T-Level Business Breakfast at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy on Wednesday, 12 July 2023. If you’re interested in attending and have yet to register, please email 

SCWA T Levels Breakfast

SCWA Student Shines in Club100 National Racing Championship

We are proud to announce that SCWA pupil, Ellis (Year 8) has recently bagged the top post in the Club100 National Racing Championship. Ellis began racing at a friend’s birthday party in 2021 and has not looked back since. By February 2022, he was racing outdoors, proving his mettle on the track.

Ellis is currently competing in the Club100 National Championship, featuring eight rounds at various tracks across the country, including locations such as Kent, Wales, Doncaster, and Devon. Showing off his skills and determination, Ellis bagged 3rd place in the first round and outdid himself in the second round by taking the top spot. Out of the 60 drivers who participate in heats throughout the day, Ellis climbed from 12th to 1st in the A final, clinching the victory with an impressive 2-second lead.

To add to the excitement, this round was live-streamed on YouTube, allowing fans from all over to witness Ellis’s thrilling performance. We congratulate Ellis and look forward to cheering him on in the upcoming rounds. 

Ellis, a student at SCWA driving a
Ellis, a year 8 SCWA student holding their trophy

Photo credits: JohnnyPatterson for Club100