Sophie lands part in Christmas Panto

Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the woods ….

The auditions were in September and I was lucky enough to be picked.  I was so happy to be part of a wonderful Panto again, as the year before I was in Aladdin at the same theatre in Gravesend.  You are not guaranteed to get in but I made it!  But it was hard.

As one of the juvenile dancers I was able to perform on stage with Ricky Norwood from Eastenders AKA Fatboy, Edele and Keavy Lynch (Shane Lynch’s twin sisters) from Bewitched pop group, Amy-Jane Ollies from Hollyoaks/Casualty and Eleanor Sandars a West End performer.  My rehearsals started at the end of October and our performances started at the beginning of December and ended on the 3rd January, so that means 14 rehearsals and 17 performances!  One night I even had 32 people to watch to which I was very grateful that they bought tickets but nervous too to make sure I got all my steps right.  It was a great experience meeting the cast and learning dance moves with a dance captain and meeting new people who were all very nice and friendly.  I was in Team Hoods and we had lots of fun, I hope I get in next year!