HMI Inspectors released their report today following a one-day inspection of Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy on 20 July. The overall judgement is that the Academy is a ‘Good’ school.

In 2016 the Academy attainment in English and Maths was well above national averages with particularly strong progress in English.  In the Sixth Form students made very strong progress across the range of academic courses.

In reaching their judgements, inspectors scrutinised the data, evaluated a range of documentation including the Academy’s self-evaluation plan, visited classes in a range of subjects and spoke to students in their lessons and also social time.  They also met with staff, governors and Simon Beamish, CEO of Leigh Academies Trust.  Online surveys completed by students, parents and staff also contributed to the Inspectors’ judgements.

“I am delighted that the relentless hard work of the staff and students has been recognised by inspectors.  Since our last inspection in 2009, the Ofsted grade boundaries have changed considerably and many times. I am very pleased that Ofsted agreed we know our Academy very well and were very confident that we will continue to improve it.” Said David Millar, Executive Principal.

The report recognised how the small school model has been developed and strengthened since the last inspection.  Students commented that they would also welcome more opportunities to collaborate with students in other schools.  Inspectors noted that this had already been identified as a priority with the senior team who had ‘responded decisively’ to develop a balance between the strengths of the small-school model and recognising pupils’ sense of belonging to the whole academy.  Inspectors commented on the strong theme of collaboration in the leadership style which had helped to develop and refine the Academy’s vision and values and create ‘drive teams’ of staff for further improvement.

Inspectors noted the effective support and challenge provided by Leigh Academies Trust since joining in 2014.  The Stationers’ Company were also praised for offering effective support through small-school links, business mentoring and the development of the digital media curriculum.

Simon Beamish from Leigh Academies Trust commented, “I am delighted for the whole SCWA community. These accolades are much deserved as Greenwich’s most popular academy completes its journey to outstanding status”.

The report highlights ‘high quality’ and ‘thorough’ safeguarding records maintained by the Academy with the reporting procedure and effective action valued by students.

Inspectors noted the ‘continuing effective work by leaders and staff which has resulted in attendance, including persistent absence, improving across all groups of students and overall, remains above the national average.  When looking at exclusions data, inspectors noted that this was lower than the national average and continuing to fall.

The inspection focussed on previous areas for development.  When comparing outcomes in 2016 with the current picture, Inspectors noted that  attainment in science, humanities and some other option subjects for disadvantaged students and those with SEND was improving and this was attributed to teachers’ strong subject knowledge, planning and assessment.

Students arrived to school in a calm and orderly manner and Inspectors described their conduct around the building as ‘almost always polite and mature’.  Inspectors found leaders were ‘determined to maintain the high standards of behaviour’.

The Inspectors agreed with the Academy’s self-evaluation and priorities in order to further improve outcomes for all students by setting even more challenging work to enable students to deepen their understanding; and to ensure all teachers develop their expertise to consistently meet the needs of students with SEND in their classes.

David Millar said: “Whilst we are pleased with the outcome of the inspection, we are not complacent.  We are relentless and will continue to work hard for our students and our community.”

Chair of Governors Kevin Dewey said: “I would like to warmly congratulate all staff and students at SCWA on this Ofsted result. Since our last inspection in 2009 the bar has been raised by Ofsted and ‘Good’ now really does mean good. We should all be encouraged by this result to strive for even better outcomes from the next inspection.”

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