Students visit the Queens Elizabeth Olympic Park

Group of students on a rowing boat

Students Leon,  Sophie, Alfie, Maisey, Ella, Caitlin, Charlotte and Riley were recently attended a trip to the Queens Elizabeth Olympic Park to row on the river Lea.

The group was chosen by the IWC staff and the School Support Officers. The rowing sessions will cross over for 3 weeks with each session lasting for an hour and half.

The outcome of this trip will help to develop mindfulness, which can help reduce stress, improve attention, boost creativity and help with memory and concentration. The students will also be working on life skills which include teamwork, leadership, communication and problem solving. During these sessions the students will develop certain life skills such as communication skills, leadership, teamwork and problem solving.

Getting the students to experience a sport like rowing, on somewhere so iconic such as the Olympic Park. Getting the young people to be out of their comfort zones is fantastic for their own self esteem.