As Year 11 students opened their GCSE results, ten of SCWA’s most committed and talented mathematicians were celebrating not only achieving top grades in their GCSE mathematics but were also thrilled to discover they had all secured A*-B grades in further mathematics!


Glenes Aafour Awuah, Oliver Cujic, Tom Highgate, Matas Kalvelis, Ayooluwa Ladenika,  Munashe Makwarimba, Tylah Moe Dupreez, Joseph O’Brien, Mobolaji Olaifa and Iyanu Owete were all delighted with their mathematics results.  


Associate Principals Fazal Rahman and Anita Croft said:  “These students have worked really hard throughout the year and fully deserve their success.  We are absolutely delighted for them.”






In each of the Schools there were some excellent success stories and individual achievements:  

In DELAMARE students and staff were celebrating…


Tom Highgate was proud of his achievements: 12 GCSEs at grades 9-7. Of these an incredible eight were grade 9s for geography, physics, RE, maths, English literature, English language, chemistry, biology and an A grade in sociology. He also achieved an A* in further mathematics.




Oliver Cujic achieved an A in further maths, five grade 9s in chemistry, biology, physics, spanish and maths; 3 grade 8s;  2 grade 7s and 1 grade A in further maths.





Zuzanna Boguszewska not only achieved A* at GCSE but also took A Level Polish and was thrilled to achieve an A Grade!  Her GCSEs were all at the top grades: A in business studies, 4 grade 8s for geography, RE, biology and English language, 4 grade 7s, 1 grade 6 and 1 grade 5.




Emily Seaton swept the board with 7 Grade 8s in chemistry, Art, biology, English literature, history, physics and geography and 4 GCSEs at Grade 7.



Congratulations to the following Delamere students who, together with those already mentioned above, form the top 10 achievers in the academy:

Glenes Baafour Awuah:  Grade 9 English literature; 2 Grade A for further maths and sociology; 5 Grade 8s in English language, RE, physics, biology and maths; 2 Grade 7s in Spanish and chemistry; Grade 6 in geography and Grade 5 in music.

Kian Cropley: 2 Grade 9s for RE and English language; Grade A in sociology; 5 Grade 8s in English literature, biology, physics, history and Spanish; Grade 7 in chemistry and Grade 6 in drama.

Jamal Haruna:  A* product design, 5 Grade 8s in maths, biology, chemistry, physics, English language; 4 Grade 7s in English literature, geography, French, computer science.

Mobolaji Olaifa achieved Grade 9 in biology, 6 Grade 8s in geography, maths, chemistry, physics, RE and English language; 2 Grade 7s in history and English literature; Grade 6 in French

Rayan  Saadi achieved 2 Grade 9s in French and English literature; 3 A grades for Arabic, business studies and media; 4 Grade 8s in biology, physics, RE and English Language, 3 Grade 7s for history, chemistry and maths

Finlay Scrimgeour  achieved A* in business studies; 2 Grade 9s for English literature and geography; 4 Grade 8s for biology, chemistry, physics and RE; 2 Grade 7s for Art & Design and English language and Grade 6 in Spanish.


In Ashdown

Ms Fida landed this morning from her holiday and drove straight to the Academy to celebrate with students.  The top performers were:


Kennedy Manamella-Chwalek achieved Grade 8 in English Language; 3 grade 7s; 3 grade 6s and 2 B grades for sociology and business studies.





Lauren Samwell was celebrating an A* in film studies, 2 Grade 8s in English literature and art; 2 grade 7s, and 7 GCSEs at grade 6.




Archie Collins achieved Grade 9 in English literature, an A Grade for business studies, 4 GCSEs at grade 7 and 2 at grade 6.  




The Sherwood top performers were:



Molly Mitchell achieved 2 Grade 8s for English literature and English language; 3 Grade 7s, 3 Grade 6s and 2 Grade 5s





Charles O’Shea achieved Grade 8 in maths and physics; 2 grade 7s, 3 grade 6, 2 grade 5s and a C for product design.





Ksenija Kalasnikova was celebrating having achieved two A* grades for Russian and film; 3 grade 7s and 5 GCSEs at grade 6.



Delamere student Kian Cropley (photographed with David Millar), Charles O’Shea (Sherwood) and Kennedy Manamella-Chwalek (Ashdown)  made the most academic progress in their SCWA journey.




David Millar, Executive Principal, said: I would like to congratulate Year 11 on their achievements and thank the staff for all their hard work.  We wish our students the very best of luck as they embark on the next stage of their educational journey or choice of career.   We are delighted that the majority of students will be remaining with us for their Post 16 studies in Arden and we look forward to continuing our partnership.”